Biogenesis suspensions one month later — how they've affected four MLB teams

Aug. 5 was quite a day. It was the day Major League Baseball finally handed down the mass suspensions related to the Biogenesis scandal. And it was the day Alex Rodriguez made his 2013 debut with the New York Yankees after an injury/scandal-filled lead-up to his return. A-Rod was suspended that day too, of course, but was free to play until his 211-game suspension appeal was heard.

Thursday marked a month since the Biogenesis suspensions. Baseball has, largely, moved on. We're into the final month of the season and there are pennants to chase and Wild Cards to calculate. Some of the teams affected by the Biogenesis news have filled the gaps created by the 50-game punishments. But, truly, only a few teams were affected. Most of the players suspended were minor leaguers, free agents or injured.

Only the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres lost an everyday player. While the Yankees, on that same day, gained one. Wondering what's happened to these four teams in the past month? We were too.

Here's a look at how the teams have done since Aug. 5, and how they did in the same number of games before Aug. 5. Also how replacements have done filling in for suspended players. In the case of the Yankees, we compared what A-Rod has done since returning to what his replacements did in the same number of games before he came back. The Yankees were the only of the four teams we looked at to have played on Thursday, so their numbers include that game. The others are through Wednesday.
— Mike Oz, Big League Stew


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