9 Times Donald Trump’s Hair Has Tried to Run Away

Run away, flee, escape, hide, etc.

That time when Trump's hair made a run for it out the back like a gang of scheming bandits.

That time when the side sections of Trump's hair joined hands in solidarity as they braced for liftoff.

That time when Trump's hair yelled "SCATTER!" in an attempt to pull a fast one.

That time when all of Trump's hair pretended to be a tumbleweed so it could sneakily roll off his head and into the ether.

That time when Trump's hair banded together and tried to fling itself off the front of his forehead.

That time when Trump's hair formed a single-file line and marched down his neck.

That time when Trump's scalp offered the top of his hair up to the heavens for sacrifice.

That time when the front of Trump's hair split up to increase its odds of surviving the plunge.

That time when the back of Trump's hair staged a coup and rebelled against the front-line masses.