2013 NBA Finals: San Antonio vs. Miami, who has the offcourt edge?

Our NBA experts have analyzed the NBA Finals based upon basketball knowledge and statistics. Now it is time to have some fun and compare the teams based upon everything else that matters, like who has more beautiful fans. Who will win this battle of silly statistics? Will the Miami Heat reign king or will the San Antonio Spurs take the title?

Photos: Celebs at NBA playoff games | Strange late ejections in Game 7 | Kobe Bryant wants 'final word' in effort to keep Dwight Howard in L.A.

Most beautiful celebrity ex-WAG/WAG
Most beautiful self-proclaimed fan
Best Harlem Shake video
Best version of Josh Beckett
Best version of Josh Beckett
Best mascot
Most talented dancers
Funniest fans
Best team fashion
Coolest parade
Coolest landmark
Best food

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