2013 MLB Home Run Derby

The sluggers are out to play for the annual Home Run Derby. Check out photos of all the action from New York.

Oakland's Yoenis Cespedes wins HR Derby with 32 homers | Bryce Harper and his family shine at the Derby | All-Star Matt Harvey still an unknown in New York

Cespedes winning HR Home Run Derby

Yoenis Cespedes hits his derby-winning home run to dead centerfield. It was a no-doubter.

Cespedes bat flip Home Run Derby

Cespedes celebrates his derby-winning home run with an impeccable bat flip.

Cespedes gets belt Home Run Derby

Yeonis Cespedes gets his championship belt from Robinson Cano after winning the Home Run Derby.

Cespedes hits truck GIF

Yes, Yoenis Cespedes did just break the window of the truck in the outfield.

Cespedes homer GIF

Harper Home Run Derby GIF

Mohawk and all, Bryce Harper takes a massive swing in the Home Run Derby.

Cuddyer Home Run Derby GIF

The ground cam gets a good shot of Cuddyer launching one in the first round.

Chris Davis Home Run Derby GIF

Sideview catches Chris Davis taking a hack at one during the Home Run Derby.

Trout-Verlander Home Run Derby GIF

Mike Trout and Justin Verlander are quite impressed by Prince Fielder's power.


The National League players are pumped up for the Home Run Derby.