10 most hated Duke players

Since the mid-1980s, no team has emerged victorious in the NCAA Tournament more than Duke. For that reason, some people just don't like them. Check that, a lot of people don't like them. Here are 10 of the most hated Duke basketball players over the last three decades.
— Jay Hart

Greg Paulus

10. Greg Paulus
Why was he hated? Just watch this.

Dick Vitale

9. Dick Vitale
Why was he hated? Two words: Wo and Jo. (And yes, we know, he didn't go to Duke. It just seems like it.)

Shane Battier

8. Shane Battier
Why was he hated? No clue. Battier never gave any reason for anyone to hate him, but we did. Probably because of that "Who's your daddy? Battier" chant. Blame that on the Cameron Crazies.

Danny Ferry

7. Danny Ferry
Why was he hated? Like Battier, for no real reason except that he was the face of the team that always beat your team. Ferry was the 1980s version of Christian Laettner.

Chris Collins

6. Chris Collins
Why was he hated? Rich kid at a rich-kid school who just oozed privilege.

Steve Wojciechowski

5. Steve Wojciechowski
Why was he hated? Two reasons: No. 1, WOJO!, No. 2, that really, really annoying floor slap.

Jay Bilas

4. Jay Bilas
Why was he hated? Now, because he takes basketball waaaaaaay too seriously. Then, because he was just so smug (and still is).

J.J. Redick

3. J.J. Redick
Why was he hated? His Vidal Sassoon hair. Seriously, Reddick just seemed too perfect, so hating him made us feel better about ourselves.

Bobby Hurley

2. Bobby Hurley
Why was he hated? Well, that hairdo, for starters. Plus, he won all the time and he played next to...

Christian Laettner

1. Christian Laettner
Why was he hated? Because he wasn't on your team. Four years, four Final Fours, two national championships. If he did that for your team, you'd love him.