The Phoenix Suns unveiled their new uniforms via fashion show (Photos)

The Phoenix Suns have embraced the opportunities afforded by a rebuilding process, using their poor fortune to build for the future with new coach Jeff Hornacek, new general manager Ryan McDonough, and a recommitment to the fast-pace offenses that have typified the franchise's most memorable seasons. The organization has also decided to change its look, unveiling new logos in late June.

Naturally, that was mere prelude to a much bigger deal: new uniforms. On Thursday night, the Suns revealed those three new looks in a full-on fashion show at Scottsdale Fashion Square, presumably the only mall in Arizona with both Barney's and Sbarro. The entire show took several hours, with the Suns trotting out several former players and legends in old jerseys before finally showing off their new duds. Their three looks — white home uniforms, purple/indigo road uniforms, and orange alternates with sleeves — are available for your viewing pleasure in the photo above.

After the jump, take a look at more photos, plus closer looks (via and considerations of the new uniforms.

The Suns made sure to present their new uniforms in the context of their history, inviting many former players back to show off various throwbacks. They were not all legends, although such key Suns as Dick Van Arsdale, Walter Davis, Tom Chambers, and Eddie Johnson. Let's focus on those players instead of such luminaries as Casey Jacobsen and Pat Burke.

The new uniforms are reminiscent of the old looks, particularly the big-logo jersey popularized by Charles Barkley and pals during the Suns' NBA Finals appearance in 1993. The difference is that the sun-basketball has been replaced by the player's jersey number, leaving only rays of light. It's a concept that will take some getting used to, although it's not terrible in and of itself. A jarring change can sometimes grow on its audience.

That's not to say that the new jerseys look great. The color scheme comes across as a little bland, even in the two looks that use particularly bold colors. The purple and orange uniforms feature very few accents to break up the boldness, creating a look at once garish and lacking visual interest. They look like futuristic pajamas, or maybe just discount practice jerseys.

Then there's the sleeved jerseys, first tried by the Golden State Warriors in 2012-13 and expanded for use by several more teams next season. Although the Suns' official Twitter account features quotes from player-models Caron Butler and Eric Bledsoe on how much they enjoy the experimental sleeves, these will continue to look more like a marketing ploy than an artistic advance.

It remains to be seen how these uniforms will play on the court, where the lights are brighter and fans can't click over to another web page. For now, tell us what you think in the comments.

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