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Do the Warriors have Draymond Green problem? What would it take for you to join the Phoenix Suns?

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LAJETHRO JENKINS: Welcome to Dunk Bait, where we talk mostly basketball. Today we'll be talking about why the Warriors have a Draymond problem, not a Steph problem. And are the Suns the funnest team in NBA? I think so.

SEERAT SOHI: Seerat Sohi here with a special limited time offer. For just free 99, you can join the Suns bandwagon.


SEERAT SOHI: That's right, free 99. But you got to act fast. You'll be rooting for Chris Paul, but not exactly like you've seen him before. Chris Paul is averaging 0.7 steals per game and most of those are coming on interceptions, which makes sense, because the Suns are allowing the fewest assists in the league and the fewest threes.

They actually remind me of the Rockets, but wait. Don't let that scare you away. Check this out. What the Suns can't get around to pick and roll, they switch it, even if it means skinny Cameron Payne guarding Zion Williamson. That doesn't look like PJ Tucker to me, and hey, unlike the Rockets, the Suns hardly get to the line at all.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: That's not actually a good think.

SEERAT SOHI: Shut up. Buy now and you can get a two for one special. Actually, I have my-- my nails aren't done. You can get a two for one special.

We don't know how long this offer will last, but right now, Mikal Bridges is hitting twice as many threes as he was last season.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Barbecue chicken.

SEERAT SOHI: He's a super-duper-whopper-Wednesday-special role player. He guards one through five, cuts, shoots and generally does every single thing you want on a basketball court in the year 2021, which it currently is. Devin Booker is averaging a career high, 5.3 turnovers per game. The starters haven't even gelled.

We expected DeAndre Ayton to be eating at the rim by now. Do you know how many lobs the Suns made? None.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Again, why is this a good thing?

SEERAT SOHI: Because Greg, they're going to figure it out. Everyone talks about how player empowerment has made fans feel disconnected to the game. If you get it on the Suns now, you can watch them gel through the growing pains, before they rise from the West like a Phoenix. See what I did there? Get it?

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Get your application to join the Suns bandwagon at 1-888-HOOTERS. That's right, we're thinking hooters tonight with the fellas. Are you? Joining the Suns bandwagon may increase frustration with Jay Crowder, resulting in finding a pile of [INAUDIBLE] in your office and have you increasingly worst nightmares about Anthony Davis.

So a lot of people have been talking about Steph and what Steph needs to do, and talking about how this season can affect his legacy. I disagree. I think Steph is stamped. I seen it with my own eyes, what he did to the league for so many years and I don't think the Warriors really have a Steph problem.

Steph's going to do Steph things. He just got 62 a couple of nights ago. I think they have a Draymond problem. Draymond took a big hit. His career took a big hit when KD came and it hasn't recovered, I don't think.

And I think he needs to step up in the way that he did pre KD. I just want him to see-- see him be more aggressive offensively. When he was, you know-- when he was part of the big three he just wasn't a guy and the big three, he was like 14 points a game.

He shot 50% from the field, 40% on the line. We saw him in two games in the finals. One he got like 32, 36 or something in game seven. You know, with the team they have now, you know, he needs to step up in those ways.

SEERAT SOHI: I do think the Warriors paid him $22 million to be a glue guy. That's essentially what he's been doing for his entire career. And I think a lot of the reasons that he was able to score all those points was because he was a release valve, and right now, that's not really the case. I think he has to do a lot of work for Steph right now.

I don't necessarily think he needs to score. I think he just needs to find ways to help Steph score. Like, I hate to say it, but like, screen assists, man. Screen assists. I actually don't--


SEERAT SOHI: I know, I know, but I really don't care how much Draymond scores. As long as like, the offense is going to be better with him as long as he's doing his thing. I think the best thing Draymond can do is be Draymond, which to me is a glue guy.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: That's Dunk Bait. I'm LaJethro Jenkins.

SEERAT SOHI: I'm Seerat Sohi.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: And y'all be safe out there. It's crazy times. [INAUDIBLE]