Philly Special in final voting for best moment in NFL history

Enrico Campitelli
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The NFL has been celebrating its 100th season all year long and to cap it off they're having fans vote on the "greatest moment in NFL history."

The Philadelphia Eagles are represented by none other than the Philly Special from Super Bowl 52, the same game in which Tom Brady both dropped a pass and fumbled the ball away after a Brandon Graham strip sack.

Nick Foles' touchdown reception in the Super Bowl has some stiff competition, however.

First off, the Miami Dolphins' "perfect season" is among the eight finalists. That's not even a moment. That's a whole season. Cross that one off. Similarly, "the Ice Bowl" is in contention, but again, that is a whole game, not really a "moment."

The "Minneapolis Miracle" is actually a moment, but the stakes simply weren't as high as the Philly Special. Same could be said for Marshawn Lynch's "Beast Quake." Great plays both. Not the greatest.

In my opinion, the only real competition to the Philly Special for greatest moment are Dwight Clark's "The Catch" from Joe Montana, "The Immaculate Reception" by Franco Harris, or "The Helmet Catch" by David Tyree. I'm thinking we cross that last one off because it involved Eli Manning.

The Catch and the Immaculate Reception are legit competition and staple moments in the history of the NFL. Like Trey Burton's pass, they're the kind of moments you'll tell your kids about. Are they greater moments than the Philly Special? Not in my mind, but it's safe to say we here in Philly are probably a little bias.

You can vote on the finalists here.

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