Philly news station interviews a trash can about Astros cheating scandal

The punishments have been handed down for the cheating scandal that has engulfed the Houston Astros, and now all that’s left are the jokes. Or at least that’s what a Fox station in Philadelphia thinks.

Fox 29 found a weird and innovative way to cover the suspension and firing of Astros GM Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch, as well as the other punishments handed down by Major League Baseball: interview the trash can.

The Astros used a trash can to bang out warnings to batters about what pitches were coming next, and the newscasters wanted its opinion... the opinion of a trash can. So they fitted it with a microphone, gave it an altered voice, and interviewed it live on their morning show “Good Day Philadelphia.”

Here’s a bit of what the trash can, nicknamed T.C., said during its interview.

“I’m just sitting there and I was beat over and over and over. Nobody cares about my feelings. It took me two years to get all the dents out. It’s the worst job in sports. Have you seen a baseball dugout? They never use me. There’s stuff all over the floor.”

Saturday Night Live it ain’t. But congratulations to “Good Day Philadelphia” for finding the oddest and most nonsensical way to add color to this story. Not many people would think about asking a trash can for its opinion, but that’s why the city of Philadelphia never lets us down.

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