Phillies vs. Red Sox: Masataka Yoshida finally meets idol Bryce Harper

Masataka Yoshida finally meets idol Bryce Harper originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

You never forget the first time you meet your idol.

Not only did Red Sox outfielder Masataka Yoshida have the opportunity to meet his, but is also playing against him this weekend in Philadelphia.

Yoshida has never shied away from sharing his love of Bryce Harper. He wore no. 34 (in honor of Harper's Nationals days) and has a subtle "bh" ahead of his Instagram handle.

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Heck, he even named his dog after the two-time MVP.


The Phillies opened up their homestand Friday against the Red Sox, but it wasn't until Saturday where the two players finally had the opportunity to meet.

It looks like in addition to meeting, Harper also came with a plethora of goodies that would send any fan of baseball into a frenzy. Let's break down what we're able to see.

  • Game-used bat that happened to make an appearance in the NLCS

Boston Red Sox

  • Custom Harper bat that looks to have a picture of himself wearing the iconic Phanatic headband. (Completely unrelated, but do they sell those anywhere? Definitely asking for a friend.)

Boston Red Sox

  • Pair of cleats

Boston Red Sox

Harper. Certified good guy.

Yoshida. One of us.

Just an all-around cool moment for the sport.