Phillies fans bring pets to celebrate Bark at the Park along with surprise adoptable dogs, cats

PHILADELPHIA - It was a big night at the Phillies game for some four-legged fans. Monday was Bark at the Park night at Citizen’s Bank Park.

300 fans signed up to bring their dogs to the pet friendly game against the San Francisco Giants. Dogs and owners of all shapes and sizes had seats in the 300 level. Dogs were even treated to a promotional giveaway dog bowl and a portion of all proceeds went to PAWS.

"I wanted her to experience a Phillies game. It’s like my favorite thing" said Kalie Paolini, who brought her terrier mix "Maisy" from Ocean City.

‘It’s the best of both worlds. You get to bring your dog and see the best team in baseball" said Ty Hanrahan, who came with his dog named "Doctor" from Haddon Township.

And even if fans didn’t have a pet, there was a chance to adopt one.

The PSPCA also held its Save a Pet event at the ballpark by bringing adoptable dogs and cats for Phillies fans to fawn over.

"We have our adoptable dogs here just looking for homes here and trying tor raise awareness about our work and what we do raise some money and get dogs in homes" said Lindsey King the Manager of Volunteer Programs for the PSPCA.

Corey Frisco brought his six-year-old daughter to the game tonight. For her the star wasn’t Bryce or JT. It was a Shitzu puppy she’s hoping to bring home.

"We came specifically for the puppies for Bark in the Park that’s why we are here so the game is secondary" said Frisco.

The pets were all specifically picked out for their social skills. King said if the pets behaved at the ballpark, it’s a good bet they’ll be a good companion at home.

"We want to pick dogs that are really going to love it because it’s a hard event. There is lots of people lots of noise lots of dogs. So it’s definitely dogs that are social outgoing and love events like this" King said.

For many fans, it was a way to explore the potential of pet ownership. For others, like Philies Ballgirl Natasha Torres, it was a chance to give some well-deserved pets a belly rub.

"It’s like a big serotonin booster. It makes my day so much happier when I get to see them" said Torres.

Although no adoptions were allowed on site the PSPSA is hopeful that all the dogs and cats who appeared at the ballpark will be adopted this week.

If you would like to adopt a dog or cat, you can visit their website.