Phillies' Bryce Harper helps local high schooler land date for prom

Harper came through in the clutch in a different way this week

It's prom season, which means high schoolers will be getting creative as they seek dates for the end-of-year party.

Jake Portella, a student at Haddonfield Memorial High School in New Jersey, lives in the same neighborhood as Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper and had an idea. He walked over to Harper's house and knocked on the door, and when the outfielder answered, Portella asked for assistance in asking a classmate to prom.

Harper, at first, asked for Portella's email to plan this out but then changed his mind and thought they should just take care of business in the moment.

The two walked over to the house and a very shocked "Giulia" answered the door and said yes.

"Oh, my god, you're the GOAT," she told Harper before hugging him and then responding to Portella.

"I eventually got the hug, so we're happy about that," Portella told The Phantastic Sports Show on Monday night. "It makes sense, you know. Bryce is a pretty cool guy and a pretty popular guy around the area."

The video was posted online and has since gone viral.

"I wasn't expecting this, I thought it'd be something cool among my friends and people in my town and stuff," Portella said. "I didn't even expect [Harper] to open the door in the first place."

Haddonfield High's prom is set for Friday, June 14. The Phillies are in Baltimore that night, but maybe the Phillie Phanatic would be available for a guest appearance?