Philadelphia fans act as expected, take mayhem to the streets after Super Bowl

Prior to Super Bowl LII, you could bet on almost anything, from the length of the national anthem to the coin toss to the Puppy Bowl to the outcome of the game itself, of course.

One thing nobody was betting against was a drunken street party in Philadelphia if the Eagles managed to win their first Super Bowl. Well, the Eagles did, and fans are responding in kind.

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We’ll start here with the obligatory car being flipped by morons who somehow in 2018 don’t realize that they are being filmed and that there will be consequences.

And of course there are fires in the streets. The video here really does give a sense of impending apocalypse with flames, sirens, a frenzied crowd and the rat-a-tat-tat of fireworks (we hope) and a racing motorcycle driving by.

Public property was not immune, as this light pole did not survive whatever non-Crisco plan the police ended up implementing after vegetable shortening proved to be a poor deterrent after the NFC championship.

Of course property damage was not the only mayhem of choice, as revelers appeared more than happy to put their own health at risk in the name of some dudes they don’t know winning a game.

A Ritz Carlton canopy became a hub of havoc.

It did not survive.

Of course it’s not all just idiots in the streets. A moment like this for a city with Philadelphia’s passion can make for a beautiful scene.

Good luck, Philadelphia. You’ll need it.