Phil Neville went to train while his wife thought she was dying during childbirth

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England women’s national team coach Phil Neville loves soccer a little too much.

In a revealing interview, Neville’s wife Julie lays out how the two function as a couple. While Julie says she has no problem with Phil dedicating his life to his work — often at the expense of family — Julie pointed to one situation where she wishes things had been different, according to the Manchester Evening News.

That would be when Phil decided to train while Julie was about to have an emergency C-section. With Julie having already been hospitalized after her water broke early, she started hemorrhaging the day the couple’s daughter was born. Phil asked the doctor how long it would take until the baby arrived, and left to go train.

“I was hemorrhaging quite badly and they were like ‘We need to get this baby out now.’

“Phillip said to the obstetrician ‘How long do you think it will take? I was just thinking I was going to go to training and do some stuff at work and then I'll come back later.’

“I was in quite a bad way at this point, thinking ‘Oh my god I think I'm dying.’

“And so he said ‘right I'm just going to go to training.’”

Thing got worse 10 minutes later, as the baby’s heartbeat stopped. Julie began hemorrhaging even more, and doctors decided they need to perform the emergency C-section. Phil was able to get back to the delivery room “at the last moment,” but doctors threw him out because the situation was so dire.

In the end, the Nevilles had their daughter, Isabella, and Julie was OK. Phil has told Julie he regrets going to train that morning.

“He looks back now and says ‘Probably looking back maybe it probably wasn't a good idea.’”

Phil Neville isn’t the only coach to make a questionable decision the day his child was born. New York Jets coach Adam Gase left his wife in the delivery room moments after their child was born so Gase could go meet with Peyton Manning.

The rest of the interview with Julie Neville paints an interesting picture of the couple’s relationship. Despite Phil nearly missing his daughter’s birth, he and Julie just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

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