Phil Jackson’s Twitter adventure is off to a great start

On Wednesday, legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson joined Twitter with the handle @PhilJackson11. Given his status as one of the great minds of basketball, fans across the world understandably labeled him as one of microblogging service's must-follows. Presumably, the Zen Master would hand out life lessons, explain the complications of coaching millionaire basketball players, and maybe even provide detailed thoughts on the fascinating 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers.

Finally, at 2:52 p.m. PDT on Wednesday afternoon, Jackson sent out his first tweet. It is safe to say that it was not as insightful as anyone had hoped:

There it is, a message so garbled that Twitter believes it was written in the Lithuanian language. It's a bold choice to promote a new book in this way, but no one ever said Jackson's methods were conventional.

It is fairly obvious that Phil was trying to say "11 championship rings" — not exactly the most humble way to start out on Twitter, for the record — and it's a little unclear how he didn't catch these mistakes before sending it out. This pretty obviously was not a case of Peter Gammons-like butt-dialing.

We can only hope that Jackson's account continues to bring similar confusing and hilarious joy in the future. Although, in fairness, a garbled mess of typos is a fairly sensible reaction to this Lakers season.

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