Phenomenal Swag: 'LeBron Flocka James, pt. 2' mixtape

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Do you guys like rap music? Sure, you do. Or at least you know what rap music is, probably. It's the one with the rapping. Anyways, as we all know (probably) the NBA and rap music have been deeply connected for years. If you look in the right places, you can even find massive lists of lyrics with nods to every basketball player under the sun. Yes, even Tremaine Fowlkes.

We also know that LeBron James(notes) has been knee-deep in rap royalty for some years now. His friendship with Jay-Z is well-chronicled, plus his documentary "More Than A Game" spawned one of the biggest rap songs of the year. So that an under-the-radar rapper would use LeBron for his mixtape cover isn't too surprising.

What is surprising is how hilarious it would look, because wow is this thing funny. I don't even know where to start.

I guess the best place is that the guy's name is Waka Flocka Flame which seems like some horrible hybrid of the Muppets and Dragonball Z. Or maybe you could go with how out of place the headband looks, or how Waka Flocka looks like he's getting ready to throw a bowling ball. Any of those would be a great choice.

But really, the best part is that all of this craziness is taking place in outer space. If "Jason X" taught us anything, it's that anything is better when it's in outer space. Something about molecular chemistry, I'm sure.

You can download the mixtape here for free, if you'd like. I'll be holding my tongue on an extended review, if you don't mind. Waka Flocka was recently shot, and I don't want to make him angy by saying I don't like his songs and think he's ridiculous. Oops.

BDL Rating: Four (out of five) Muggsy Bogues

(Note: cover only)

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