Phenomenal Swag: Jordan's 'Final Shot' backboard

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I don't know if you guys have heard about this, but Michael Jordan is going to be inducted in to the Naismith Hall of Fame this Friday. Ball Don't Lie certainly hasn't covered this underground movement. But it's definitely happening. A bunch of my bros and I are getting together to watch the induction and play "Beatles Rock Band." Plus, they don't know this yet, but we're going to pool our money and buy the hoop MJ made his pseudo-final shot on. (Hate you, Wizards Jordan!)

Grey Flannel Auctions is selling the backboard, rim and stanchion from the 1998 NBA Finals, and the reserve is set at $25,000. For a group of teachers and a dude who makes literally tens of dollars making basketball jokes on the Internet, that's basically nothing.

The auction takes place September 12th, which is just in time to get the rim back to Illinois and practice on it. Our men's league team, Fast and Furious, does have a championship to win after all.

Ball Don't Lie's Swag Rating: Four Muggsy Bogues ...

Cheers, MOUTHPIECE Corozza

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