Phenomenal Swag: apliiq's 'HelLa' and 'Boston Gardens' T-shirts

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No matter how unlikely it may have seemed during the season, it appears that the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are on a collision course for the NBA Finals. This means we're either living in the 1980s, 2008 or the "Lost" universe where everything is pre-determined and Desmond can't buy that ring. I'm sure you'll agree that the last is most probable.

Since the 12th finals meeting between the two storied franchises is basically inevitable, we should all start preparing. I'd recommend lots of water, some canned goods and one of apliiq's HelLA or Boston Gardens T-shirts. Choose wisely.

The shirts are super simple, but sometimes that's for the best. If you choose the Lakers you're getting a purple pocket on a bright gold shirt, go with the Celtics and you have green on white. Pretty no duh, but also really, really cool. You won't feel silly wearing these outside of the basketball season because then they magically become just a nice-looking T-shirt. Miracles are everywhere in this beast.

Each of the shirts goes for $29, which seems like a lot for a plain T-shirt. However, every T-shirt apliiq makes is cut to order and handmade in downtown Los Angeles, like a way-less-creepy American Apparel. Furthermore, if you enter "LAlove" at checkout, you get 10% off your order.

Once June rolls around, and the Lakers and Celtics are battling it out for the right to be called the NBA's best, we're all going to have to choose sides. Might as well look nice doing it.

BDL Rating: Four (out of five) Muggsy Bogues

(h/t Mondette via Nick "Repeat" Adams)

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