This PGA Tour pro has been playing OG Fortnite to prepare for Butterfield Bermuda Championship

The Bryan family is in for a special week in Bermuda.

PGA Tour professional Wesley Bryan will play for the first time alongside his brother in a PGA Tour event, who is making his debut this week at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship in Southampton, Bermuda, at Port Royal Golf Club. The duo is famous for their YouTube channel, Bryan Bros Golf, and they have the game to back it up.

Their parents are also on the island this week, along with George’s wife.

This marks George’s first time in Bermuda, and he’s making sure to take in the island and enjoy his first Tour start.

Wesley, meanwhile, has been getting his prep in on the Lazy Links.

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“I’m solo (this week) and OG Fortnite just dropped this past week,” Wesley said. “Been catching copious amounts of dubs with the boys, so that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Lazy Links is a point of interest in Fortnite, an online, battle-royale video game released in 2017. Last Friday, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, changed the game’s map back to one from one of the first seasons, and Fortnite’s player base hit record highs over the weekend.

Seems like Bryan is one of those who picked back up the controller to play.

“I’m a little jealous,” George said. “I wish I was doing that, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing as well.”

Added Wesley: “Dude, OG Fortnite might as well — it brings back — I got into it. I was going to be Call of Duty for life, I made that pact. Then I had shoulder surgery. They put me in this device where my arm was like this for six months and it just felt perfect to hold a controller. Right when shoulder surgery happened, it happened to coincide with when Fortnite came out. So George lured me in because he was 33, 32 years old and still playing video games, and I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get back into it.’

“Now it’s bringing back all of those fun memories in a sling, and it’s — gosh, it’s so much better than I can even describe.”

Here’s to seeing whether Wesley’s dubs in Fortnite can translate to the course, where he has one career win at the 2017 RBC Heritage but has missed 11 cuts in 17 starts this season.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek