PGA Championship: Lee Hodges gets penalty for waiting too long for this putt to drop

Technically speaking, a pro golfer on the PGA Tour can only let his ball sit on the lip of the cup for 10 seconds before they are forced to use an extra stroke to knock it in.

A player, and their playing partner, are allowed to determine a “reasonable” amount of time before starting the 10-second clock.

Lee Hodges was paired up with Jordan Spieth on Saturday at the PGA Championship and that rule was tested during a wild putt for par on the 17th green.

Hodges completely nailed the line on his putt only for the ball to sit on the lip. And sit. And sit. And sit. For 35 seconds total. Then, and only then, did it decide to give into gravity and fall into the cup.

But after consideration, Hodges was penalized for waiting too long.

The PGA Championship Rules Committee issued the following statement:

“During play of the 17th hole, Hodges played his first putt to the edge of the hole and after having walked up to the hole, behind his ball, he then waited more than 10 seconds. The ball then fell into the hole, after the 10-second limit provided for in the Rule. As a result, Hodges received a one-stroke penalty, under Rule 13.3a, and the ball was holed.”

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek