PFT's Week 10 2023 NFL picks, Florio vs. Simms

The season is halfway over, and the competition remains very close.

Simms and I disagreed on seven games last weekend. I got four of them right; he got three.

For the week, I was 9-5 and he was 8-6. That makes me 83-53 straight up on the season, and he's 80-56.

Against the spread, I had a solid 9-5 week. I still trail him by six games, however.

And, for a change, our best bets weren't our worst bets. I went 3-0, and Simms went 2-1.

This week, we disagree on four games straight up, and seven against the spread. All picks appear below, and the full video of the joint mega pick podcast is here.

Panthers at Bears (-3)

An undrafted rookie from Division II takes down the first pick in the draft? It's about much more than the quarterbacks.

Florio: Bears, 16-10.

Simms: Bears, 20-19.

Colts (-1.5) at Patriots

Sorry, Germany. A once-compelling rivalry has gone from apple strudel to road apple.

Florio: Colts, 23-17.

Simms: Patriots, 23-20.

Browns at Ravens (-6)

The Ravens might be the best team in the NFL right now, especially when they play at home.

Florio: Ravens, 24-13.

Simms: Ravens, 21-13.

Texans at Bengals (-6.5)

The Bengals are trying to crash the party at the top of the conference.

Florio: Bengals, 27-24.

Simms: Bengals, 24-17.

49ers (-3) at Jaguars

For Jacksonville, it's an opportunity. For San Francisco, it's a necessity.

Florio: 49ers, 23-17.

Simms: 49ers, 24-20.

Saints (-2.5) at Vikings

Can Josh Dobbs keep it going? I say yes. Simms says no.

Florio: Vikings, 30-27.

Simms: Saints, 24-17.

Packers at Steelers (-3)

The Steelers will finally outgain their opponent. And outscore them.

Florio: Steelers, 16-6.

Simms: Steelers, 20-10.

Titans at Buccaneers (-1)

The Bucs need to stop this losing streak at four or it could be lights out.

Florio: Buccaneers, 24-21.

Simms: Titans, 20-17.

Falcons (-1.5) at Cardinals

If the Falcons lose this one, there could be a new coach in 2024.

Florio: Falcons, 28-17.

Simms: Falcons, 23-21.

Lions (-3) at Chargers

The Lions know the No. 1 seed is within their grasp.

Florio: Lions, 27-23.

Simms: Lions, 28-20.

Giants at Cowboys (-16.5)

The spread should be even more than it is.

Florio: Cowboys, 52-10.

Simms: Cowboys, 24-6.

Commanders at Seahawks (-6)

Seattle needs this one to confirm its status as a contender.

Florio: Seahawks, 30-20.

Simms: Seahawks, 30-21.

Jets (-1) at Raiders

Viewers might prefer Heidi this time around.

Florio: Raiders, 23-17.

Simms: Jets, 12-10.

Broncos at Bills (-7.5)

The Jenga tower still stands. For now.

Florio: Bills, 30-21.

Simms: Bills, 24-20.