PFT's final 2023 NFL power rankings

1. Ravens (13-4, last week No. 1): Will three weeks between meaningful games make it harder for the starting offense to keep rolling?

2. 49ers (12-5, No. 2): Can anyone in the NFC beat them in Santa Clara?

3. Bills (11-6, No. 3): Let Josh sizzle.

4. Cowboys (12-5, No. 4): Mike McCarthy is the rare head coach who is still on the hot seat after making the playoffs.

5. Lions (12-5, No. 5): Dan Campbell is, at times, too emotional and impulsive for his own good.

6. Browns (11-6, No. 6): It won't be as easy in Houston this time as it was last time.

7. Rams (10-7, No. 9): Jared Goff vs. Sean McVay is a much better storyline than Matthew Stafford returning to Detroit.

8. Chiefs (11-6, No. 10): If playoff experience means anything (and it does), it's time for the Chiefs to make a run.

9. Dolphins (11-6, No. 8): Tyreek Hill wanted to go back to Kansas City this year. He surely would have preferred it to be warmer than single digits.

10. Texans (10-7, No. 11): They might be tougher to knock out than most realize.

11. Eagles (11-6, No. 7): Losing five out of six is not the way to launch a playoff run.

12. Steelers (10-7, No. 14): Can they win without T.J. Watt?

13. Packers (9-8, No. 15): Jordan Love delivered in a win-or-go-home finale, one year after Aaron Rodgers failed.

14. Buccaneers (9-8, No. 18): They need to get back to what they were doing before the past two weeks.

15. Seahawks (9-8, No. 16): Will they keep Geno Smith for another year?

16. Saints (9-8, No. 17): Hiring Jon Gruden as an offensive coach would be the ultimate middle finger to 345 Park Avenue.

17. Jaguars (9-8, No. 12): Doug Pederson will be on the hot seat next year.

18. Colts (9-8, No. 13): Imagine what they could be with a healthy Anthony Richardson.

19. Bengals (9-8, No. 20): Imagine what they could be with a healthy Joe Burrow.

20. Raiders (8-9, No. 23): Antonio Pierce deserves a shot. Will he get one?

21. Bears (7-10, No. 21): Moving on from Justin Fields would be very, very risky.

22. Broncos (8-9, No. 19): Did Jarrett Stidham do enough to win the job for 2024?

23. Falcons (7-10, No. 22): It feels like the blame should go higher than Arthur Smith.

24. Vikings (7-10, No. 24): When the season mattered most, they disappeared.

25. Jets (7-10, No. 25): As Aaron Rodgers said Monday, everyone is on the hot seat in 2024.

26 . Titans (6-11, No. 28): Mike Vrabel might be feeling a tractor beam to Foxboro.

27. Giants (6-11, No. 29): They've got plenty of work to do to get back to where they were a year ago.

28. Cardinals (4-13, No. 26): The foundation is in place. What will they do with it?

29. Chargers (5-12, No. 30): Will Justin Herbert's presence be enough to overcome the unmistakable whiff of organizational dysfunction?

30. Patriots (4-13, No. 27): Robert Kraft is in the plane. He's wearing the parachute. The helmet is on. The goggles are down. He's standing at the door. Will he jump?

31. Commanders (4-13, No. 31): Will the new braintrust help make the right decisions, or simply legitimize the decision ownership wants to make?

32. Panthers (2-15, No. 32): They might want to get comfortable in this neighborhood.