PFT’s Week Two 2022 NFL power rankings

1. Bills (1-0; No. 3): They’ll go as far as Josh Allen can take them. And he can take them all the way.

2. Chiefs (1-0; No. 4): Anyone who was sleeping on the Chiefs is now wide-ass awake.

3. Buccaneers (1-0; No. 2): They beat an overmatched Dallas team, but something’s missing.

4. Rams (0-1; No. 1): They may not see another team this year as good as the one that dismantled them in Week One.

5. Eagles (1-0; No. 9): The three-point margin obscures how solid they were.

6. Ravens (1-0; No. 12): Yes, it was the Jets. But they look like they’re ready to contend.

7. Bengals (0-1; No. 6): They stepped on a rake to start the season, and still almost won.

8. Packers (0-1; No. 5): At least it wasn’t 38-3.

9. 49ers (0-1; No. 7): It’s hard to tell how good (or not) they are based on a game played in a swamp.

10. Titans (0-1; No. 8): Last year, they were blown out at home in Week One and recovered to win the No. 1 seed.

11. Chargers (1-0; No. 15): Great start. Consistency, and health, will be the key.

12. Dolphins (1-0; No. 18): The Bills need to be far more concerned about the Dolphins than the Patriots.

13. Steelers (1-0; No. 16): They’ve got a chance to take a 4-0 record to Buffalo in Week Five.

14. Colts (0-0-1; No. 11): They ended an eight-game Week One losing streak. They probably aren’t celebrating.

15. Raiders (0-1; No. 14): They’ve got to regroup quickly, because things don’t get much easier until their Week Six bye.

16. Browns (1-0; No. 21): The Browns of past regimes wouldn’t have recovered from that blown lead.

17. Cowboys (0-1; No. 10): When you have two quarterbacks, you have none. When you have one quarterback who gets injured, you also have none.

18. Vikings (1-0; No. 22): Things could get very interesting in the NFC North this year.

19. Saints (1-0; No. 20): Against better teams, they’ll need to play more than one quarter per game.

20. Patriots (0-1; No. 17): The “yeah, but Bill Belichick is the coach” routine may not work for very long.

21. Cardinals (0-1; No. 13): When the coach is complaining about performance at practice after the first game that counts, that’s a very bad sign.

22. Seahawks (1-0; No. 25): Pete Carroll got an early birthday present in the form of big slice of vindication.

23. Washington (1-0; No. 24): Carson Wentz looked like the 2017 version and then the 2021 version and then the 2017 version again.

24. Broncos (0-1; No. 19): When it mattered most, Let Russ Cook became Let Russ Watch.

25. Giants (1-0; No. 27): A healthy and motivated Saquon Barkley makes up for a lot of deficiencies on the roster.

26. Panthers (0-1; No. 23): David Tepper won’t put up with too many more of those.

27. Bears (1-0; No. 30): Win at Lambeau, and the Bears will get a big bump.

28. Falcons (0-1; No. 26): The more things change, the more the Falcons blow a big lead in the fourth quarter.

29. Texans (0-0-1; No. 32): They haven’t had to finish out many games in recent years, and it showed.

30. Lions (0-1; No. 28): Nobody back-door covers in Week One like the Dan Campbell Lions.

31. Jaguars (0-1; No. 29): The good news is that Doug Pederson was on the plane back to Jacksonville.

32. Jets (0-1; No. 31): Robert Saleh is keeping receipts. His wallet will soon be fatter than George Costanza’s.

PFT’s Week Two 2022 NFL power rankings originally appeared on Pro Football Talk