PFT’s Week Four 2021 power rankings

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1. Rams (3-0, Last week No. 2): Based on Sean McVay’s reaction to taking the lead at halftime on Sunday, a Super Bowl win might cause him to spontaneously combust.

2. Buccaneers (2-1, No. 1): As they proved last year, there’s nothing like a regular-season loss (or two) to set the stage for a postseason reversal.

3. Bills (2-1, No. 5): How did this team lose to the Steelers?

4. Ravens (2-1, No. 3): The team that used to be the Browns is becoming the Kardiac Kids all over again.

5. Raiders (3-0, No. 8): September wins are money in the bank. And the Raiders are already operating on house money.

6. Cardinals (3-0, No. 7): It may not last, but it will be fun while it does.

7. Packers (2-1, No. 11): Sunday night’s win doesn’t erase Week One, but it makes it more of an aberration.

8. Panthers (3-0, No. 10): They can win without Christian McCaffrey, even though it obviously would be better to not have to try.

9. 49ers (2-1, No. 6): The 49ers concluded in March that Jimmy G isn’t the answer. Maybe they want to completely convince the rest of us before moving on to Trey Lance.

10. Browns (2-1, No. 12): They could be one of the most balanced teams in the league. If so, the wins will keep coming and the climb will continue.

11. Chargers (2-1, No. 16): It’s only pass interference if they call it. And, yes, they should have called it.

12. Chiefs (1-2, No. 4): They’ve lost their mystique, and it could take some time to find it.

13. Saints (2-1, No. 14): Given everything they’ve been through, two wins in three games counts as a great start to the season.

14. Cowboys (2-1, No. 15): They’re clearly the best team in the division. The question is how they stack up against the other good teams in the NFC.

15. Titans (2-1, No. 17): They may clinch the division by Halloween.

16. Broncos (3-0, No. 18): Want more respect? Beat a team that otherwise has won a game.

17. Bengals (2-1, No. 23): With the Steelers left in the dust, the playoffs are a real possibility.

18. Vikings (1-2, No. 24): The win over Seattle means nothing if they don’t give the Browns everything they can handle.

19. Patriots (1-2, No. 13): All that money spent on free agents and not much to show for it, so far.

20. Seahawks (1-2, No. 19): I had thought Russell Wilson would renew his desire to be traded in March. Maybe it’ll happen by late October.

21. Dolphins (1-2, No. 20): Jacoby Brissett could end up taking the starting job from Tua Tagovailoa.

22. Steelers (1-2, No. 9): I predicted that both the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger would regret the decision to give it another go by November. Chances are that they’re already there.

23. Washington (1-2, No. 21): They aren’t who we thought they were.

24. Falcons (1-2, No. 30): The Giants let them hang around long enough to do that which no one expected them to do.

25. Eagles (1-2, No. 25): They’re clearly not on the same level as the Cowboys.

26. Bears (1-2, No. 22): I’d say they’re tanking, if they hadn’t already given up their first-round pick.

27. Lions (0-3, No. 29): If only someone had bitten Justin Tucker‘s kneecap when they had the chance.

28. Giants (0-3, No. 26): They’re now 0-3 in games during which they retire the number of one of their Super Bowl heroes. Next up, November 28 vs. the Eagles, on Michael Strahan day.

29. Texans (1-2, No. 28): They’ll win just enough games to blow the top pick in the draft.

30. Colts (0-3, No. 27): If you blinked, you missed the Carson Wentz honeymoon.

31. Jaguars (0-3, No. 32): The coach who feels like he’s playing Alabama every week nearly pulled off a win with an Iron Bowl play.

32. Jets (0-3, No. 31): The Zach Wilson mafia is already getting stronger than the North Jersey mob ever was.

PFT’s Week Four 2021 power rankings originally appeared on Pro Football Talk