PFT Draft: Players who need to reach first SB

From Lamar Jackson to Josh Allen, Mike Florio and Chris Simms reveal which players deserve to make it to their first Super Bowl.

Video Transcript


- In honor of two-time NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic, making it to his first ever NBA Finals, carrying the Nuggets there for the first time in their 47-year history, we draft NFL players who need to get to the Super Bowl for the first time in their careers. Chris, you're up.

- La-la-la, Lamar Jackson. That's who I'll go with. Hey, we started the show talking about them. We might as well end the show talking about him. I mean, you know for all the reasons. Hey, quarterbacks, you're measured upon the Super Bowls you get to, how you play in them, if you win, all that. I think that'll do a long way to shut up the haters of Lamar Jackson in the world, right?

That's the big thing. I mean, in a lot of ways, I think it's crazy people talk about Jalen Hurts in a higher regard than Lamar Jackson, and I think part of that is just because he went to the Super Bowl. And I'd go, but damn, I mean, Lamar is a better player. He's awesome. And for whatever reason, people still throw out that, oh, all that money to a running back type of guy. I see that on the social media all the time. It drives me crazy. So Lamar Jackson.

- I'll go to Josh Allen. Now, I like Lamar Jackson because he's an MVP. He's the only MVP who hasn't been to a Super Bowl who's currently in the NFL. So it fits with Jokic. Josh Allen has not won an MVP yet. Maybe he will, but he definitely needs to get to a Super Bowl. Five years in, he's seen Mahomes do it three times. He's seen Burrow do it once. He needs to get there himself.

- Yeah. Agree. Agree. To me, him and Lamar are the two guys right now you look at to go, man, as a fan you sit there and go, ooh, there's some urgency. Those two need to get there, right? I think those are clearly the top two guys. Now, the other guy I'll throw in there, who I don't think he's as the caliber of player as the two guys we talked about, but man, there's a lot of pressure on him in the situation of the team is Dak Prescott.

I think that's the next one I'd go do there. Talk about just, hey, what getting to the game can do to change the perspective, get people off his back, get people to buy in, whatever. People are all over the place with Dak Prescott. Yeah, he's not one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the game, but he's damn good, and you can get to a Super Bowl with him. Yeah.

- I hate to say Kirk Cousins.

- Hey.

- Because I really don't think he's got a chance to do it this year. He doesn't fall in that category of teams that I think have a chance to do it, but he's been hanging around. He's been making a lot of money. He's never gotten to an NFC Championship game just like Dak. But yeah, he needs to get there, especially for him. Think of how it would change the narrative on his career if he could get to just one, Chris? Just one.

- Yeah. Agreed. It would be.

- We would view him very differently.

- It would. It would change everything about him.

- I would love him, not love him not.

- Yeah. Until he threw an interception in the game, and you don't win the Super Bowl.

- He'll do it when he's on the 49ers. Let's take a break. One more round when "PFT Live" returns right after this.


All right, one more round in the draft of the players most in need of reaching their first ever career Super Bowl. One more pick each. Chris, who do you have?

- Well, you know, I'm going to go off the board here a little bit. I know we can pick quarterbacks and all that. How about this one? I'm going to go with Calais Campbell, all right? Calais Campbell. Like, right? I know. To me, that would solidify him in the Hall of Fame for sure. I think he already is a Hall of Fame-type of guy, but I would just throw him out there because of the great career he's had. He's been one of the best defensive linemen there is. He's never been to a Super Bowl, and I don't want to pick another quarterback because we always pick quarterbacks.

- I'll see your Calais Campbell and I'll raise you a Myles Garrett.

- OK. I like it. I thought about him to.

- You've got Deshaun Watson on the board, but, I mean, he's been one of the best players in the NFL his entire career.

- That's right that wakes everybody up to it. I hear you. See ya.

- We're done.