PFT Draft: Best non-QBs in the NFC East

From Cowboys LB Micah Parsons to Giants RB Saquon Barkley, Mike Florio and Chris Simms select the strongest players in the NFC East who aren’t QBs.

Video Transcript


- You want to know why the NFC had three playoff teams the NFC East? Excuse me, had three playoff teams last year? We're going to find out because there's a lot of great non-quarterbacks in that division. Some of the other divisions really had to stretch. This, week probably go six, seven rounds. of the best non-quarterbacks. Chris, you're up. Round one.

- Whoa! No. You're right. Well, I'm going to-- we started off the show with him. We might as well end of the show with him, Micah Parsons. That's right. Hello. Welcome to the draft here on "PFT" because you are the best freaking player in the NFC East. I'm going with him. Yeah. He's amazing. I mean, we stated all the reasons. We're watching Lawrence Taylor part two. We haven't seen that. I mean, it's crazy what the guy does. It really is. He's the best defensive player in the game right now. Micah Parsons.

- I'm torn on this one. I was going to go defense, but let me stay on the offensive side of the ball. He's carrying the franchise tag. He has shown that he can be very effective when healthy. And now, this year, if he doesn't have a long term contract, every reason to have another great year, Giants running back, Saquon Barkley. It was close for me, but I'll go Barkley.

- Yeah. Barkley's a game-changer. You know, like we always talk about, you're not wrong there right, Mike. I mean, there's only a few guys in football, where you can just go, hey, the ball is at your own 1-yard line, and when you give this guy the ball, he thinks he's going to score a touchdown. I mean, hey, he thinks he's going to score a touchdown every time he touches the ball. That's rare. There's only a handful of guys in football like that.

And I'm going to go with one of those guys as well. His name is AJ Brown. He plays receiver for the Eagles. I mean, AJ Brown last year, in my opinion, injected himself in the upper class. Like, we know he was a top 10 receiver. I think last year, he injected himself into the Tyreek Hill, Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase conversation. I voted for him First Team All-Pro. I mean, he can do it all. He can run by you. He can Moss you. He can catch a slant and break tackles or outrun you. I mean, he's an awesome receiver, let alone I love his leadership too. So AJ Brown.

- All the reasons why the Ham Man was doing this.

- Exactly. Right. Right. [LAUGHTER]

- They need to take a walk. They need to go take a ham sandwich. They traded away one of the best players on my team. I'll go Sexy Dexy here.

- Oh, damn it.

- Dexter Lawrence just got paid $22.5 million a year.

- Taking all my damn Giants.

- Sorry. I still have flashbacks of him wrecking the interior of the offensive line of the Vikings while Kirk Cousins is acting like the play with the season on the line is a routine second and 7 from the middle of September. Dexter Lawrence.

- Yeah. Dexter Lawrence, Sexy Dexy, big man. All right, so we're going to go to break he's telling me, but the more I keep looking at this, we could have had a draft of just the Eagles players. I know we are. But I'm just saying this is unreal, the NFC East. This is actually better than I gave it credit for.

- All right, Christopher David, make a pick.

- All right, well, I'm going to go with the guy that led the division in sacks, right? And I got to pick him. So I'm going to go Haason Reddick. We talk about Micah Parsons being the best defensive player overall. I still think Haason Reddick might have something to say as far as being the best pure pass-rusher there. Haason Reddick is phenomenal. You saw what he did. He's dropped back in coverage, coming around the edge. He can do whatever you want.

- --at $22.5 million per year, Daron Payne, franchise-tagged, resigned quickly to $22.5 million on a four-year deal I believe it was. So let's put him in there. We can't forget about a team that has made news for reasons other than players in recent weeks.

- No, I'm with you. I'm glad you did that because we need to add guys like there. I mean, really, Jonathan Allen. He should probably- I mean, he should have been in there. You could have gotten him or Daron Payne, right? I mean, damn, Montez Sweat's a really damn good football player. Lane Johnson, we forgot about him. Leonard Williams on the Giants, CeeDee Lamb. I mean, we got a lot of damn players in the NFC East.

- How many rounds before we would get down to your guy, Kayvon Thibodeaux? You had doubts about him last year.

- Right.

- But he was better than I think you expected he would be.

- Yeah. He was. Honestly, he had the moment in the Washington game. There's some meat left on the bone there. We need to see improvement. It would be a few rounds. I mean, Trayvon Diggs is still on the board. I mean, it's crazy. Brandon Graham, DeMarcus Lawrence, Zack Martin.

- Great, great division.

- Right. See ya. I'm out of here. It's my Friday.

- Please enjoy your three-day weekend. See everybody else tomorrow.