PFT Draft: Best non-QBs in the NFC North

From Vikings WR Justin Jefferson to Lions EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Mike Florio and Chris Simms select the strongest players in the NFC North who aren't QBs.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Best non-quarterbacks in the NFC North, go.

CHRIS SIMMS: OK, Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings.

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, why did I give you the first pick?

CHRIS SIMMS: I don't know why. I was here today. I was shocked that you even said that. I thought you might go, well, today, I'll take the first pick. I was expecting to hear that.

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MIKE FLORIO: I'll go Aidan Hutchinson.


MIKE FLORIO: I mean, there aren't a ton of star players, frankly, in the NFC.

CHRIS SIMMS: Well, you definitely realize that, right? There's a lot of good, but there's not ones that you go like, oh, it's easy just to pick like the six stars, right? Or there's 10 stars to pick up.

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, no.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, so I'm with you.

MIKE FLORIO: We're getting deep cuts here pretty quickly.

CHRIS SIMMS: We are. Well, I'm going to pick I'm going to follow that with Jaire Alexander. I'm going to go with the best corner in the division. And Jaire Alexander is-- he's pretty damn special.




MIKE FLORIO: Wow, it gets difficult very quickly. I guess, I'll have to go with Amon-Ra St. Brown.


MIKE FLORIO: Because he has been just-- it's just funny how no matter what he does, he doesn't get noticed the way that he should. He's one of the best receivers in the NFL.


MIKE FLORIO: He didn't come in with a high pedigree. Amon-Ra St. Brown.

CHRIS SIMMS: Amon-Ra St. Brown.

MIKE FLORIO: See, it would help to get his name right. Did I say Amon-Ra? Amon-Ra St. Brown is my pick. And now, we are suddenly back on track. We can take a break, and we can wrap up "The Draft" right after this.



All right, those are the picks so far. The best non-quarterbacks in the NFC North. I got two Lions. Chris has a Viking and a Packer. Are you going to put a Bear up there?

CHRIS SIMMS: I am. I am. I'm spreading the wealth a little bit. I mean, I am going to give it everybody a little love here. I'm going to DJ Moore now.

DJ Moore, the guy they traded. The Chicago Bears acquired him from trading the first pick to the Carolina Panthers. You've heard me say it for a number of years. I think he's a superstar.

I mean if he was on a better team the last two years with a top end quarterback in offense, he'd be a household name. He's phenomenal. I think he'll jump into some more households this year on the Bears.


MIKE FLORIO: Amazing. When you look at the NFC North, there isn't really a cluster of star players.

CHRIS SIMMS: No, yeah.

MIKE FLORIO: But, but, but three teams from the NFC North were tabbed for multiple Thursday night short week games this year despite the fact that there aren't a lot of star players in the NFC North. I'll go Christian Darrisaw, the Vikings tackle, who--

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, he's good.

MIKE FLORIO: He had concussion issues last year. But he-- that's a winner for them. That's a guy that anchors their offensive line.

CHRIS SIMMS: Definitely. You got two good tackles there.

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, if he stays healthy, they can do some good things.


CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, agreed. I mean, he's got the potential to be one of the better pass-protecting left tackles on all of football. Bakhtiari is another guy that's there, but he's been injured, right? It's like what exactly is, right?

MIKE FLORIO: He's ready to move on too.

CHRIS SIMMS: It seems like it. Penei Sewell is another lineman that's coming up in the-- there are some young, unproven guys in the NFC North. I think that's what you look at with Christian Watsons and the Chase Claypools and TJ Hockensons just jumping on the scene here. You know, so I think there's a lot of that in this division to be had.