PFF names Chicago Bears as a landing spot for Derrick Henry trade

PFF names Bears a landing spot for Derrick Henry trade originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

As free agency marches on in the NFL, there remains unfinished business amongst players (i.e. Lamar Jackson).

Speculation rises about potential landing spots, and amid the Chicago Bears not making a splash in the backfield, Pro Football Focus is inclined to believe the Bears could be in the market for Derrick Henry.

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"Trying to find willing trade partners for a 28-year-old running back with almost 2,000 career carries and a salary cap number in excess of $16 million this season is a major challenge, but there are teams out there that could see it as the kind of move that puts them over the top. Henry is the kind of unicorn at the position that changes the rules of everything we know about running the football in the modern NFL, which could well extend to the kind of career lifespan he will have as a running back. In today’s arms race of elite teams looking to win a Super Bowl, there may be a side willing to do what would seem reckless in the past to get over the hump. Henry has averaged 3.7 yards per carry after contact for his entire career," Sam Monson wrote.

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While the idea of King Henry donning a Bears jersey is enticing for fans, it's entirely unlikely of happening.

First of all, the Bears solidified their backfield in free agency. After David Montgomery opted for the Detroit Lions in free agency, the Bears signed Travis Homer and D'Onta Foreman. They will join Khalil Herbert, who rushed for 731 yards and four touchdowns while handcuffed to Montgomery last season, and Trestan Ebner to put the running back room up to four players.


While Homer doesn't provide much to write home about, Foreman does. The Carolina Panthers running back caught stride last season to the tune of 915 rushing yards and five touchdowns. He replaced the likes of Christian McCaffrey after the Panthers traded him mid-season to the San Francisco 49ers. Foreman took the opportunity and ran with it.

In Chicago, Foreman plans to vie for the starting spot.

“I came here to try to be the guy,” Foreman told NBC Sports' Michael David Smith. “If I didn’t come here with that mentality I’d be doing myself a disservice and doing the team a disservice.”

Other reasons the Bears likely won't work to acquire Henry, outside of the fact that their running back room is full, start with his contract. He is slated to make $10.5 million this season with a $16 million cap hit. If the Bears wanted a premier running back at that price, they could've taken their shot with Miles Sanders, Ezekiel Elliot or Jamaal Williams in free agency. The Bears are uninterested in spending that kind of money, or relaying assets in a trade, for a running back.


Henry is indubitably one of the game's best rushers. Last season, he led the league with 349 touches and recorded over 1,500 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns to go with them. Unfortunately, running backs are not the hot commodity they used to be.

For those reasons, the Bears will stave away from making noise in the trade market with Henry, and all running backs, for that matter.

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