PFF grades for 2023 season confirm Justin Jefferson’s dominance

Justin Jefferson has been one of the most dominant wide receivers in the league since the Minnesota Vikings selected him with the 22nd pick in the 2022 NFL draft. The latest data from Pro Football Focus are a reminder of Jefferson’s greatness.

According to PFF, Jefferson is the only wide receiver to have a grade of 90 or above in each of the last four seasons. Even this past season, when Jefferson was fighting through an ankle injury and the loss of his starting quarterback, Kirk Cousins, Jefferson put up a PFF grade of 91.1.

That grade, remarkably, is the highest of his career up to this point. While statistically 2023 wasn’t the best for Jefferson, he was clearly playing at an elite level under some exceptional circumstances. Imagine how much higher that grade could have been without the injuries to himself and Cousins.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire