Peyton Manning's Hilarious Retirement Home Beef With Tom Brady's Grandma

Superfan TV

Peyton Manning did a pretty great job hosting the ESPY Awards Tuesday night. It was the 25th anniversary of the sports award show, and the former NFL quarterback is one of just a few professional athletes to ever be the host. Other than making fun of a bunch of athletes and starting a feud with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook during the opening monologue, Peyton also had a couple of funny pre-taped bits throughout the show.

One video showed Peyton living at a retirement home since he's now retired. Even though Peyton is, like, 40 years younger than many of his new neighbors, he fit into the lifestyle pretty quickly. He was playing shuffleboard, clipping coupons, and wearing track suits. Although, it was, clearly, difficult for Peyton to calm his competitive spirit.

Throughout the bit, Peyton picked on a sweet old lady named Ruth. Peyton said, "You're not going to get along with all your teammates. There's something about Ruth that I don't like." After a winning at shuffleboard, Peyton looked to Ruth and said, "You like that, Ruth. Do you like that? It's called winning. It's called being a champion."

Peyton, eventually, figured out why he didn't like Ruth. He walked in on her video chatting with her grandson, Tom Brady. Tom told his "Gam Gam," "I used to play football with Peyton." Ruth then looked at Peyton and said, "Oh, that's wonderful. Did you win five Super Bowls, too?" The two-time Super Bowl winner responded, "Shut up, Ruth."

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