Peyton Manning stars in funny Pro Bowl commercial with Josh Jacobs

Peyton Manning (AFC) and Eli Manning (NFC) are set to coach their respective conferences at the NFL’s reimagined Pro Bowl Games this year, a week of events that will feature a flag football game.

Peyton and Eli are sure to provide hilarious mic’d up moments during the Pro Bowl activities, and they have already provided plenty of entertainment leading up to the game in the NFL’s commercials promoting the event.

Peyton and Eli starred in three Pro Bowl commercials that aired during the NFL playoffs. In the first ad, the brothers argue over which conference is better and Peyton seemingly wins the debate by pointing out that “Mom loves the AFC more.”

In the second commercial, Eli teaches Demario Davis how to pull a flag on a tackling dummy that has a picture of Peyton’s face on it. Davis ends up ripping the tackling dummy in half, much to the delight of Eli.

Now there is a third spot, in which Peyton criticizes Josh Jacobs for his throwing mechanics in the water balloon toss. Peyton then fails to catch a balloon himself. Check it out:

Peyton and Eli also recreated a viral scene from the film Zoolander in a short video clip that has gone viral on social media.

This year’s flag football Pro Bowl game will begin at 1 p.m. MT on Sunday, Feb. 5 and will be broadcast on ESPN, ABC and Disney XD.

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