Peyton Manning stars in commercial promoting 2024 Olympics in Paris

Peyton Manning is back with yet another funny commercial, this one promoting the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

NBC will broadcast the Olympics next summer and they recruited Manning to star in their upcoming promotional campaign that will air during the 2023 NFL season.

In the commercial, Manning is seen holding a glass of wine while traveling in a baguette blimp (yes, a giant floating piece of bread).

“Welcome to Paris,” Manning says. “Home of French bread, wine and now … the Olympics.”

The camera then pans to show Manning in an office meeting pitching the above idea as an ad. It’s not well-received:

Asked if he has any non-blimp ideas, Manning flips to the next (empty) page on his board:  “Let me see here … nope.”

The commercial made its TV debut on NBC during the NFL’s season opener on Thursday evening. It will continue to air through football season.

Peyton also recently starred in a funny promo for the upcoming season of the ManningCast, an alternate broadcast of Monday Night Football on ESPN2. The two-time Super Bowl champion will also serve as a part-time professor at Tennessee this fall.

Manning has been retired from the NFL since 2016, but he’s still in the spotlight, much to the delight of entertained football fans.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire