Peyton Manning isn’t interested in running Broncos, but he helps where he can

Two years ago, ESPN reported that the Denver Broncos’ new ownership group wanted to get Peyton Manning involved.

The Walton-Penner family eventually added three minority owners, but Manning was not among them. It seems that the former quarterback was not interested in an ownership stake.

“I don’t think that’s anywhere on my radar by any means,” Manning told media members before receiving the Mizel Institute’s 2024 Enrichment Award on May 22. “But look, I love being an ambassador for the Broncos and for the Colts, for the University of Tennessee. Obviously, living here, I get to go to all the Broncos games. I was out at the facility the other day.”

Broncos general manager George Paton and coach Sean Payton have indicated that Manning has been a “great resource” for the club, and the former QB seems content to continue aiding the team without an official title.

“Our kids do sports in the area around Dove Valley, so I’m probably at the facility a couple times a week,” Manning said. “[They have] great snacks over there in that kind of cafeteria, so I don’t know if I’m being charged for those or what, but [I have] great access. And I still have my key fob that still works from when I played, so Keith Bishop never made that go away, so that’s helpful as well. … But as far as running the team, I don’t think that’s on my radar in any way.”

Manning does not appear interested in becoming a co-owner or executive anytime soon, but he said he takes his ambassador role very seriously. The former QB does not need an official title to help the club whenever he can. The Broncos are fortunate to have him as an ambassador and resource.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire