Peyton and Eli’s skit for the Pro Bowl is the best video you’ll watch today

Following a suggestion from Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, the NFL switched the annual Pro Bowl from a “tackle” game to a flag football format beginning with the 2023 edition.

Peyton Manning and his company Omaha Productions then pitched an idea of Peyton (AFC) and Eli Manning (NFC) coaching their respective conferences and “reimagining” the all-star activities as the “Pro Bowl Games.” The NFL loved the idea.

In addition to switching to a flag football game, the “Pro Bowl Games” also now include skills competitions that are added to a cumulative final score.

Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success as the NFC defeated the AFC 35-33 and Eli and Peyton were wildly entertaining. The NFL really leaned into the brother rivalry ahead of this year’s game with a hilarious promo that featured Peyton and Eli preparing for the 2024 Pro Bowl.

“I haven’t lost any sleep over it,” Peyton says of last year’s loss before the camera flashes to the former QB literally losing sleep over it.

It’s a classic Peyton skit:

The Pro Bowl’s new format has drawn mixed reviews, but most fans and pundits agree that Peyton and Eli have made it more entertaining.

Eli’s NFC won again this year, defeating Peyton’s AFC with a cumulative score of 64-59 (check out the highlights).

While the flag football game itself hasn’t received unanimous support, Peyton and Eli being added to the mix has made the event entertaining TV. And that’s exactly what the NFL wants the Pro Bowl to be: fun entertainment. We can probably expect Peyton and Eli to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire