Peter Schrager picks Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVIII ahead of NFL kickoff on Thursday

As if the expectations for the Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t get any higher, writers are already predicting the team to win Super Bowl LVIII ahead of Thursday night’s NFL kickoff.

Peter Schrager of and Good Morning Football is the latest to pick Kansas City to pull off the back-to-back championship run after revealing his predictions on Thursday morning.

As part of his prediction, Schrager chose the San Francisco 49ers to be the Chiefs’ opponent for the championship matchup, guessing that the final score would be 34-28 in Kansas City’s favor and that the game would feature a late pick-six by second-year cornerback Trent McDuffie.

Chiefs fans will certainly hope that his forecast holds true, but with a long season ahead, anything could happen. Nonetheless, the fact that national writers are already piling on to the Chiefs’ sky-high expectations is a good indication that the media doesn’t think Kansas City has regressed since winning Super Bowl LVII in February.


Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire