Peter King shares what he thinks the Rams could get for Jalen Ramsey

The Los Angeles Rams have been getting calls about Jalen Ramsey, with teams inquiring about the All-Pro cornerback. No trade is on the verge of happening yet, but those around the league believe he’s “very likely” to be dealt.

Peter King shared his take on the matter, saying “it’s not certain, but it absolutely could happen.” The compensation is what’s hardest to figure out in this situation because Ramsey is a top defender in the NFL right now, but he’ll also be 29 in October.

Though some believe the Rams won’t get a first-round pick in return for Ramsey this offseason, King thinks they could. It just won’t be a high first-rounder, but rather a pick near the bottom of the round.

If not a first-rounder, King could see the Rams getting a package of picks, like a second-rounder and a third or fourth in 2023 or 2024.

My projection is the Rams could get something between a low first-round pick this year (Dallas, Buffalo and Kansas City could be interested, and pick between 26 and 31 overall) and a package of picks—perhaps a low two this year, and a fourth-rounder this year or next, that could rise depending on performance or play-time markers Ramsey could meet.

King also expects the Rams to trade their second-round pick this year and compile more selections on Day 3. That would give the Rams even more than the 10 picks they’re projected to have (including compensatory selections), possibly increasing to as many as 12 picks.

The other factor about this team: I expect GM Les Snead to trade the Rams’ high second-round pick this year for either two or three picks between the mid-second and fifth rounds. Ideal world, Snead trades his high two for a low two and two fours. If they deal Ramsey, add a prime pick this year (I project a second-rounder) plus somewhere around a three next year.

The Rams’ goal in potentially trading Ramsey is adding picks and freeing up cap space. It’d be hard to complain about getting a first-rounder or a package of mid-round picks, but it wouldn’t come close to matching what the Rams gave up for him in 2019 (two firsts and a fourth).

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