Pete Rose, banned from baseball for betting on games, launches gambling podcast

Pete Rose gets it, and he knows what’s coming.

But even though it may not be the best thing for him to be doing considering he received a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball for gambling, he has launched a new gambling podcast.

“I know how it looks, and people will criticize,” Rose said, via USA Today. “But it’s not gambling. It’s handicapping. I’m a handicapper.”

Rose, of course, received a lifetime ban from the sport in 1989 after an investigation determined that he bet on games — including with the Cincinnati Reds while he was the manager.

Rose’s podcast — “Pete Rose’s Daily Picks” — will drop new episodes six days a week. Per USA Today, Rose will release five episodes each day lasting between 15 to 20 minutes, and one episode will last about an hour. He will be joined on the Quake Media show by Ben Wilson.

The podcast will include all sports, not just baseball.

“I watch two or three baseball games a day,” Rose said, via USA Today. “And it’s not just baseball. I watch all sports. I love sports. I know I can help people who want to wager on sports.”

Former Cincinnati Reds manager and player Pete Rose
Pete Rose, of all people, is launching a gambling podcast. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images) (Michael Hickey via Getty Images)