Pete Davidson Has An A+ Joke About How 'Horrible Things' Have Happened To Him And Chris Rock After They Photobombed Steph Curry's Big NBA Moment

 Pete Davidson in flannel pajamas in Manscaped commercial
Pete Davidson in flannel pajamas in Manscaped commercial

When Pete Davidson isn’t  romancing Hollywood’s biggest actresses, he’s known to hang out with some of his famous friends. Two of the most notable individuals in that group are fellow comedians Jon Stewart and Chris Rock. The trio of buddies have had some great times together, and one occasion that seems to stand out in Davidson’s head the most is the time they took in a New York Knicks game in 2021. It was there that the group photobombed Stephen Curry during a major NBA moment, and Davidson had an A+ joke about the “horrible things” that subsequently happened to him and Rock.

The 29-year-old Saturday Night Live veteran opened up about the experience while performing a stand-up comedy set for Netflix Is A Joke Fest. While talking about December 2021, he shouted out Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, noting that he finds it “hilarious” that they choose to hang out with him. The star went on to recall how he and his friends were able to witness Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry surpass Ray Allen to become the NBA’s all-time 3-point leader. They’d later learn that they were visible in the famous photo that captured the four-time NBA champion just moments after he broke the major record:

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And I remember he broke the 3-point record in like, the first quarter, and just somehow – how we were placed – he shot it from over there and me, Jon and Chris were under the basket. So in the picture that everybody put out, like ‘here’s him breaking the record,” us three are just like [makes cringy face]. We completely photobombed his like, whatever basketball card that’s gonna be forever. And it was such a good night, but since then, horrible things have happened to me and Chris. So Jon Stewart, if you’re watching, watch your fucking back.

On the surface, it would seem cool to be a part of sports history in such a unique way, though Pete Davidson’s funny observation is dead-on. Davidson later became the target of Kanye West’s ire due to the fact that he was dating the rapper’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, at the time. Not only did West take a major shot at Davidson in one of his songs, but he also declared “civil war” on him via a social media post.

As for Chris Rock, most probably know that he was slapped by Will Smith on stage at the Oscars months after the game. (Rock recently opened up about the slap in his latest Netflix special and did not mince words.) So yeah, with that trend in mind, one can’t help but be a tad concerned about Jon Stewart. See the King of Staten Island star's performance along with performances from other comics in the video down below:

This isn’t the only time the Suicide Squad alum has made headlines due to his presence at a basketball game. In November 2022, he drew the attention of the Denver Nuggets when he was spotted alongside then-girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski at another Knicks game. Fans also caught a good glimpse of the actor’s shaved head when he and the former Daily Show host saw the team play the Lakers months later.


Pete Davidson - like most of us – has experienced his share of highs and lows as of late. With the former, he’s dating Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders but, in regard to the latter category, they were recently in a car accident that saw Davidson ram into someone’s house. Thankfully, both emerged unscathed, though, so there’s, at the very least, that silver lining. Of course, if Davidson has proven anything, it’s that he can roll with the punches and approach an unfortunate situation with humor. I’m sure he, like Chris Rock, will continue to do just that. In the meantime, let’s all keep an eye on Jon Stewart, shall we?

Those angling to see more of Pete Davidson can check out his upcoming show, Bupkis, which debuts its first season for Peacock subscription holders on May 4 as part of the 2023 TV schedule.