Pete Carroll's explanations for not signing Colin Kaepernick still don't make much sense

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Pete Carroll can praise Colin Kaepernick all he wants, but his Seattle Seahawks are a big reason Kaepernick is still out of the NFL.

The Seahawks twice contacted Kaepernick. They worked him out once, in 2017. There’s dispute about what happened in 2018, and on Thursday Carroll said a report about the team asking Kaepernick about kneeling during the national anthem was incorrect. Either way, the Seahawks didn’t sign him and nobody else has either.

Carroll continues to say that Kaepernick was too good for the Seahawks to sign him, if you want to believe that.

Pete Carroll’s explanation for not signing Colin Kaepernick

Carroll previously stated that the Seahawks passed on Kaepernick in 2017 because Kaepernick was a starting-caliber quarterback and the Seahawks already had a starter in Russell Wilson. So the team instead signed Austin Davis.

The coach who is constantly preaching about competition every day claims that at the most important position in the game, the Seahawks decided to sign a worse player in Davis because Kaepernick was too good to be a backup.

Carroll doubled down on that explanation Thursday, and explained that they won’t be looking at Kaepernick now because they have Geno Smith.

Carroll expanded on the issue and said he felt regret that the team didn’t sign Kaepernick in 2017, and indicated a team called him today to talk about the exiled QB.

Colin Kaepernick met with the Seahawks years ago but did not get a contract. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)
Colin Kaepernick met with the Seahawks years ago but did not get a contract. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

Carroll denies a 2018 report about Kaepernick

Carroll also flatly denied a 2018 report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, one of the most visible reporters in the business. A scheduled meeting with Kaepernick was called off and Schefter reported that “Seattle postponed the trip when the quarterback declined to stop kneeling during the national anthem next season.” Carroll said that was not true.

It’s great for Carroll to be saying nice things about Kaepernick, whose exclusion from the NFL since 2016 will not age well in the league’s history book. Kaepernick was better than dozens of quarterbacks signed since then — including ones signed by the Seahawks — but was kept out after his peaceful protests during the anthem in 2016.

Seattle could have changed that. Instead of looking at it as an opportunity to add a starting-caliber player via free agency to make the best 53-man roster possible, the Seahawks — built around Carroll’s “always compete” mantra — passed because they didn’t think it would be wise to have a backup quarterback who is good enough to be a starter. Read that again and decide for yourself if you’re buying what Carroll is selling.

For now this is what is on the record: Carroll thinks it was obvious Kaepernick was an NFL starter, that he deserves to be playing now, but the Seahawks passed because they preferred Austin Davis then and Geno Smith now, and Kaepernick still can’t get a chance.

That doesn’t add up.

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