Pete Alonso's message for Mets' pick Pete Crow-Armstrong: 'You have a great future ahead of you'


After Pete Crow-Armstrong was taken by the Mets with the 19th overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft on Wednesday night, he must have gotten close to a thousand texts and phone calls congratulating him.

One of those calls was from a fellow Pete, and perhaps a future teammate.

Pete Alonso, a guest on Thursday's Beyond The Booth Live, told Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, and Steve Gelbs that he did indeed reach out to Crow-Armstrong shortly after he was drafted by the Mets.

"I wanted to reach out and just welcome him, because he's part of the Mets family now and I wanted to wish him nothing but the best of luck in his career and getting to the big leagues," said Alonso.

"That's the start of a dream becoming true. I reached out, actually to Petey, and what I told him is 'Look, this is where you start. This is where your journey begins. You worked incredibly hard to get here, but you have to work, because this is a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially to get to the big leagues and stay in the big leagues, as both (Ron) and Keith know. It's a tough game, and I told him 'Look, you have a great future ahead of you, and now it's right there for the taking, and you just need to grasp that opportunity."

Alonso took it upon himself to reach out to the 18-year-old, because he remembers when another Met did the same for him, even if that Met confused which college Alonso played for.

"For me, a guy called David (Wright), he called me the night after I got picked. It was funny because he was like 'Hey, best of luck at the University of Miami in your Super Regional,' and I was like 'I appreciate it, but I'm a Gator,'" Alonso said. "He left me a message and I called him back, and I was like 'Is this really David Wright?' I thought it was a buddy playing a joke on me. I thought one of my college teammates was messing around. I didn't actually think David Wright was calling me."

Alonso, a Gator, not a Hurricane, was selected by the Mets with the 64th overall pick in 2016. He remembers the day fondly, as he was overcome with emotion when he found out he was going to be a Met.

"It was very interesting, because being a right-right first baseman, it's not necessarily sexy attributes for a prospect," said Alonso. "For me to go in the second round, I was just hoping to go in the first day, because for me, I felt like I had a strong resume in college, and it's just a matter about someone believing in me. The fact that the New York Mets believed in me enough to pick me on the first day, like I was overjoyed, I cried."

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