PETA starts beef with MLB pitcher after he slaughtered bull that spooked him

By now you might have heard the story about Texas Rangers pitcher Martín Perez and the bull that led to his offseason broken elbow. In December, Perez was startled by the bull, fell and broke his non-pitching elbow. This week, reporters asked Perez what happened to the bull.

He slaughtered it and ate it.

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And while that makes for a good locker-room story, it’s not something the animal lovers among us love to hear. First on the list was PETA — aka People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — who have now started a beef with the Rangers pitcher.

Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez has angered PETA. (Getty Images)
Texas Rangers pitcher Martin Perez has angered PETA. (Getty Images)

PETA sent out a press release attacking Perez and saying it would be sending him some vegan treats that he could presumably share with teammate Bartolo Colon. Here’s the full letter:

Dear Martín,

We heard that you killed and ate the bull who was involved in the incident in which you broke your elbow at your Venezuelan ranch. Have you considered what might have caused the incident? Perhaps you frightened him. Perhaps he felt that he had to defend his turf, just as you or I would. Whatever it was, we have to ask why you felt that you had to prove that you had power over him by robbing him of his life. We hope that upon reflection, you’ll feel that making a show of eating him was not only a cruel thing to do but also an unjustifiable, vengeful act that makes you look small. Bulls are surely worthy of respect and admiration.

Obviously, you can’t bring this magnificent being back to life, but you could do something that would actually benefit you as well as other bulls. To get in shape for the season, would you consider changing up your diet, as so many other professional athletes have done recently in order to improve their performance? From Wilson Chandler and Lewis Hamilton to Kyrie Irving and Rich Roll, vegan athletes are changing the face of sports. Avoiding meat, eggs, and dairy “products” can help you prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—and prolong your career—and we’re here to help. No bull. I’m sending you a basket of delicious vegan treats for you to enjoy, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to make a change.

Well then. Something tells us PETA won’t be visiting a Rangers game this season to taking their new food options like the Triple B Sandwich — that’s bacon, brisket and bologna.

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