With perhaps a superstitious twist, the Patriots decide on their uniform color for Super Bowl LII

The decision on which uniforms to wear at the Super Bowl belongs to the designated home team, and it’s not unimportant.

Remember, in 50 years when people are watching holograms of Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, these are the uniforms they’ll be watching. New England got to pick which jerseys it would wear for this Super Bowl, and while the Pat Patriot-era red ensemble would have been best, they went with their white jerseys.

But wait, that’s a bit odd. The Patriots aren’t like the Dallas Cowboys, who prefer to wear white even at home. New England wears blue at home. It did so in every home game this season. But not for Super Bowl LII, even though it had the choice.

Ah, that record the Patriots noted must be important. The Patriots have lost two Super Bowls with Bill Belichick as head coach and both were in blue. They’re 3-0 in Super Bowls under Belichick wearing white. They did lose in Super Bowl XXXI to the Green Bay Packers wearing white, but Desmond Howard probably won’t play a factor this season (though, Belichick was an assistant on that team). For all you completists out there, here’s the rundown of Patriots’ jersey colors …

Super Bowl XX loss to Bears: Red
Super Bowl XXXI loss to Packers: White
Super Bowl XXXVI win over Rams: Blue
Super Bowl XXXVIII win over Panthers: Blue
Super Bowl XXXIX win over Eagles: White
Super Bowl XLII loss to Giants: Blue
Super Bowl XLVI loss to Giants: Blue
Super Bowl XLIX win over Seahawks: White
Super Bowl LI win over Falcons: White

The Patriots sure have been in a lot of Super Bowls (3-1 white, 2-2 blue, 0-1 red). There are some good memories with the blue uniforms too, including the improbable upset of the Rams that started this entire dynasty.

Whoever decided on the jerseys obviously has a better feeling about the white kit. White is on a Super Bowl winning streak, after all. Perhaps those jerseys are tougher to steal after the game. Or maybe Belichick has some obscure strategic reason for wearing white at U.S. Bank Stadium. But there had to be some reason for the choice.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will lead his team into Super Bowl LII. (AP)
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will lead his team into Super Bowl LII. (AP)

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