Pep Guardiola's yellow ribbon stance is admirable, but massively hypocritical

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In the aftermath of Manchester City’s League Cup victory over Arsenal on Sunday, one may have expected the majority of the attention to be given to Pep Guardiola’s first trophy with his current club. No doubt, it’s the first step on a silverware-laden path.

However, most of the focus fell on a tiny piece of yellow ribbon on his shirt.

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The City coach has been wearing the ribbon as a means of support for four Catalan politicians who were imprisoned following the controversial Independence Vote last year.

Guardiola has been given several formal warnings for breaching kit and advertising regulations, but has vowed to keep on wearing the ribbon as a testament to his support of humanitarianism and political freedom.

This is admirable.

However, in light of his employer and history of financial support from the United Arab Emirates, it is also quite hypocritical.

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