People want answers after Bay Area TV station uses racist headline to cover Braves NLDS loss

A Bay Area news station likely wants a do-over after using a facepalm-worthy racially insensitive headline in its coverage of the Atlanta Braves being bounced out of the MLB postseason.

KTVU, the Bay Area’s Fox affiliate, recapped the St. Louis Cardinals’ win over the Braves in Game 5 of the National League Division Series with a chyron that read, “Braves Scalped.”

That’s straight out of the yikes factory. Particularly given the conversation that’s surrounded the Braves recently. A Cardinals pitcher of Native American descent objected to the Braves’ infamous tomahawk chop and the team responded Wednesday by toning down its use of the chop. There’s not any good time to roll out a “scalped” headline, but this was a particularly bad one.

As you can imagine, this being the social-media age and all, this spread quickly and plenty of people wanted answers:

Yahoo Sports reached out to KTVU for its response to the outrage but the station hasn’t yet replied. This is, however, not the first time the station has been condemned publicly for being racially insensitive.

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