People are uploading Disney and Hollywood movies to Pornhub

Disney and Hollywood films are being uploaded to Pornhub
Disney and Hollywood films are being uploaded to Pornhub

Pornhub is known for hosting clips of sex scenes from various movies but it turns out they have some more family-friendly offerings on its site too.

Users familiar with the porn website have found movies like Cars 3, Zootopia, Avengers: Age of Ultron and even the first act of Broadway hit Hamilton but not under their actual titles.

Video game designer Elizabeth Sampat spotted the illegal Hamilton upload and screenshot the page which showed the video was named “Revolutionary twinks have historical fun.”

According to the video has since been removed but another version can be viewed if you search for “Revolutionary Boys Get Dirty on American Politics Part 1”.

Pakistani actor Kumail Nanjiani let his followers know that they could watch his critically-acclaimed movie on Pornhub too after finding the complete feature on the website too.

For those of you who wanna watch #TheBigSick with your families & don’t have Amazon Prime or can’t afford to purchase it: The whole movie is available on pornhub,” he tweeted.

“Don’t ask me how I know. It’s under ‘interracial.’ This is not a joke.”

Pornhub were quick to respond and told the actor that it was trawling through its website to find the movie and remove it.

Kumail, we are trying to find it to remove with no luck,” The site’s official Twitter account tweeted. “The whole Pornhub team is frantically looking through ‘big sick’ videos on Christmas day. Thanks!”

Posting more wholesome movies to Pornhub is a pretty savvy idea by video pirates as it’s the last place authorities would expect to look for pirated movies, though it obviously puts more pressure on the platform to monitor its uploads.

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