26 People Shared Their "Style Icons" From Middle School, And The Answers Are As Funny As They Are Nostalgic

When we were younger (we're talking middle school/high school), everyone had that ONE fictional character who really changed the game for us.

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And after you found them, it wasn't enough to just watch their movies or draw them in your Lisa Frank notebook — you had to copy every bit of their style in an attempt to BE them.

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So I asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV/movie characters were their biggest style inspirations growing up, and let me tell you, the answers are DELIGHTFUL!

1."Hilary Duff/Lizzie McGuire taught me everything I couldn't do with my hair."

Lizzy McGuire with her hair up in different ways

2."Elle Woods, specifically from Legally Blonde 2!"

Elle Woods with two friends talking in a classroom

3."Clarissa Explains It All."

Clarissa wearing mismatched clothing
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4."Anything worn by either Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) or Piper (Holly Marie Combs) from Charmed."

Alyssa Milano in a crop top and black pants

5."Santana from Glee.🤍"

Santana in a black shoulder-less top and printed skirt
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6."This is embarrassing, but I love '80s fashion, and in high school I took every chance I could to look like Alex from Flashdance, especially with the leg warmers and clunky jewelry."

A woman dancing in a leotard
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7."That's So Raven started it all for me. I was obsessed with her whole fashion aesthetic."

Raven wearing a multicolored jacket and jeans

8."My style icon was Mary Poppins."

Mary Poppins in a black overcoat and hat with an umbrella

"I would wear hats like her and precocious shirts and always carried around an umbrella. I thought maybe I would be able to fly and would regularly jump off the porch."


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9."Buffy Summers! I bought a faux leather jacket and shirts that looked like ones she'd worn."

Buffy fighting someone

10."Everyone from Get a Clue!! The brightness and diversity! But also Cher in Clueless."

a group of kids wearing bright clothing

–Nicole C.

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11."Seth Cohen from The OC."

teenage boys talking

"Because he was that perfect blend of nerdy and funny, and had a best friend who would punch you. Also, Edward Cullen is the reason I wear light gray T-shirts (he makes it look easy)."

— Kyle M.

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closeup of Edward Cullen
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12."In high school I tried so incredibly hard to replicate Peyton's entire wardrobe from One Tree Hill."

closeup of Peyton wearing a tank top

13."Selena Gomez as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place."

Alex Russo in jeans and a long top


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14."The fashion in the movie Stuck in the Suburbs was big for me, specifically Brenda Song's looks. I bought a soccer ball purse because of her. I felt very cool."

Brenda Song in colorful earrings and a lace and black top
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15."There was no one more iconic for me than the Olsen twins in Billboard Dad."

the Olsen twins wearing sunglasses, T-shirts, and jackets

—Taylor W.

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16."Christian from Clueless!"

a guy in khakis, a T-shirt, and a jacket

"I loved him because I was preppy and clean cut, and I KNEW he was a homosexual before Cher did. Her gaydar was off, LOL."

—Pablo O.

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17."Francine from Arthur inspired me to be comfy and vaguely butch."

Francine in a sweatshirt

18."Claire Danes in My So-Called Life!"

teenage Claire Danes in a black outfit with a floral vest

"Brooding teen vibes, including oversized sweaters (must cover the hands!), plaid shirts, and of course overalls with only one strap buckled. Add a box of “Crimson Glow” hair dye, and you’re all set."


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19."Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana taught me that I could rock a spaghetti strap OVER a long sleeve, and accessorize with the skinniest sequined scarf you've ever seen. My 13-year-old self THANKS HER!"

Miley Cyrus wearing a spaghetti strap tank over a long sleeve shirt

—Claire W.

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20."Lindsay Lohan in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen!!!!!!"

Lindsay Lohan wearing a scarf and beads around her head

—Sheridan G.

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21."Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell was it for me."

Zack Morris in a multicolored sweater

—Michael G.

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22."Marissa Cooper from The O.C. Everything looked amazing on her."

Marissa in a sequined frilly T-shirt

"And the fact that Mischa herself was the face of so many amazing brands in the early 2000s just made her so much cooler. She’s the reason I became obsessed with owning a pair of Keds in 2006 (and finally got ‘em in 2014)."

—Melissa L.

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23."Usagi Tsukino (Serena) from Sailor Moon. The outfits she wore scream '90s, and I love anything Y2K."

Usagi Tsukino wearing a mini skirt and sweater


"Somewhere between Ally McBeal and Sailor Moon."

—Dustin C.

TV Asahi

24."Blossom! Every time I use a quirky hat, it reminds me of her."

Blossom wearing a flowered top hat

— Anonymous

Alice S. Hall / ©NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection

25."The president’s daughter from My Date With the President’s Daughter. That pink dress is the best dress to ever be a dress."

shiny pink dress

— Brent B.


26."LaLaine, aka Miranda from Lizzie McGuire, was it for me."

LaLaine wearing a T-shirt with writing on it

Thank you to everyone who submitted answers! This was beyond fun to put together. And if you want to play, tell me who your style inspirations were in the comments!

Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.