People Are Revealing The Things They Low-Key Judge Others For, And The Takes Are Piping Hot

Nobody likes being judged, but it happens. Sometimes you're judger, and other times, you're the judged.


We all have something that puts us in a judge-y mood, and Reddit user u/nosovietspyhere proved just that when they asked, "What is something you silently judge others for?" Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1."Hyping themselves up too much. Saying things like, 'That wouldn’t fly with me, everyone knows not to mess with me,' or, 'people look up to me' or 'I’ll have your back until you cross me.' Like, bro, this isn’t a movie, relax. I don’t think these people understand that the more you have to hype yourself up, the less people actually think that of you."


character saying, I'm 100% awesome and you know it

2."Watching videos at full volume in public. I don’t understand this."




4."The one that really bugs me is people who put their dogs' waste in bags and just leave it. Even if they had done nothing, it would've biodegraded on its own, but now it won't, AND you're making it someone else's problem."


bag hanging on a branch
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5."When I hear people talking crap about someone's appearance/clothes. So f*cking shallow, but it's not worth calling people like that out."


6."I hate when people leave their paper coffee cup on a random shelf in Walmart when they're done with it. That's so gross and entitled. Throw away your own garbage."


7."Being obliviously in the way. Like, getting to the end of an escalator and just standing there. Or, standing with a group of people in a doorway or aisle. Or, stopping to stare at your phone in the middle of the sidewalk. Just move out of the way two steps and everyone's life is easier."


people in a crowd saying, move get out of our way

8."People who keep their dogs on chains outside 24/7."


9."People talking to someone on the phone in a store on speaker. No one wants to hear you and your convo."


10."Leaving the bathroom without washing your hands. I'm not touching that door handle with my bare hands when I leave, and definitely won't be shaking your hand later."


character looking back and saying, ya nasty

11."Gossiping. As in, people who only gossip. Because you know that if they gossip to you about everyone else, they're gossiping about you to other people too."


12."I silently judge people who do extremely hard/dangerous hikes woefully unprepared, or wearing sandals/sneakers/inappropriate footwear. I live in Colorado, and too often we get headlines related to these kinds of people. There is no excuse with all the resources available to research the hike you're doing. Ultimately, search and rescue is going to have to use THEIR resources to save you from something that was of your own doing. But, I judge silently because I believe that sometimes, you do need to learn the hard way."


close up of a foot in a sandal
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13."Parents swearing at their kids in public."


14."When I see you just leave your cart in the parking lot, and not return it."


"I don't understand how/why people just leave carts just IN the parking lot. Not even a cart corral, just pushed into the edge of a parking spot."


shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot
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15.People who don't throw away their trash at fast food places! Nothing screams 'disgusting' to me more than someone who leaves all their crap at their table and just leaves."


16."When a parent gives a child a 'unique' name that's obviously not specific to their culture, but a misspelled or made up name like 'Spenser' or 'Alivia' or 'Mayson.'"


17.And finally, "Being sh*tty to service workers."


character saying, i would like to speak to your manager

Is there anything people do that immediately sends you into silent-judging-mode? Share it in the comments!

Responses have been edited for length/clarity.