"She Changed Her Baby On The Seat-Back Tray Table": 27 People Shared Their Worst Airplane Seat-Mate Experiences

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It's so amazing that the world is opening up and we can travel again!


But there's only one problem...We're not at the point yet where we can hop on a magic carpet or teleport to our destination, so unfortunately, our only option is still getting on a goddamn airplane.


There are a couple things you can control on your flight. For example, packing a sweatshirt to prevent freezing to death once the AC kicks in or choosing a seat that's far away from the bathroom. But the one thing that's totally out of your hands is the people who sit near you. Here are 27 individuals who gave folks the flight from hell:

1. This person thought they'd give the person behind them a perfect view of their cuticles:

2.This person was far from subtle about breaking the rules:

3. This person had questionable hygiene habits:

4.This woman nearly knocked a child out with her perfume (and scarred them for life):

"When I was 10 or 11 years old, I went on a nine-hour flight and had the middle seat. A woman sat in the window seat and had a horrendous smelling perfume on; the kind that gives you a headache in the first 10 minutes. She went to the restroom and re-applied her perfume every couple of hours. The smell, plus turbulence, was enough for me to throw up for the duration of the flight. For years after, I was so scarred that I took motion sickness pills every flight — only to realize I didn’t have motion sickness; it was just that woman’s horrible perfume."


5.These people clearly didn't know how babies work:

6. This guy made himself comfortable:

7.This person tried to start shit, but just plain embarrassed themselves:

8. This person was asking to be stepped on:

9.This person spilled beverages like their life depended on it:

"We ran into one of our neighbors on a flight going home. He was put next to an old lady who used him as a pillow, ordered a Coke and spilled it on him, then got coffee and spilled it again! And then, another coffee and spilled it on him again! He flipped out and was moved into our seat row."


10. This person seemed to think that their trash would just disappear into thin air:

11. These people didn't seem to care that everyone on the flight was trying to sleep:

12.These people made sure to give this poor man the worst overseas flight of his life:

"On a 12+ hour flight, I was in the middle aisle. The seat recliner was broken, the guy next to me took his shoes off and his feet stank, the woman to my left spilled orange juice on me, and the headphone plug for the in-flight entertainment was broken. I did get extra potato chips as a compensation for the seat problem, though 🙄."


13. This person got way too comfortable:

14.This person's "emotional support animal" was a total terror:

"I was seated next to a woman with an 'emotional support animal.' If I had to guess, it was a pug chihuahua mix. Whatever it was, it was small enough for her to keep on her lap. Apparently, the dog needed its own emotional support animal, because it was a wreck. It kept standing up, whining, and shit on her lap. It would also leak piss anytime someone walked by. The smell 🤢."


15.This person really needed to grow the hell up:

16. This person would not have the right to be upset if someone decided to take a scissors to their hair:

17.This person made sure their seat-mate had just as stressful of a flying experience as they did:

"I sat next to someone who had a phobia of flying. They spent the flight in terror and described to me everything that could go wrong with the plane, and what would happen to us if it did. By the time I got off the flight, I was a nervous flier. Fear can be contagious."


18. This person just couldn't wait until they got outside to take a hit:

19.This person was possibly a zombie:

20.This person spread their underwear fumes across the whole flight:

A person raising their underwear on a flight

21.This person had an odd way of flirting:

"I got my window seat in the small plane for my one-hour flight and got comfortable. A short, but built guy took the seat next to me and man-spread not only into my foot, but ALSO over into my chair. Literally calf to calf, thigh to thigh with me. I went to automatically flinch away from touching a STRANGER, but I realized that I was way within my seat, and if I moved over, he'd get, like, £40 of my ridiculously expensive seat. So I didn't move. But then, he didn't move either? I am British, so I didn't say anything and just quietly seethed in my seat for the hour...

"...When it's time to land, I like to look over to see the sky disappear and the land take up the full window. So I look to the other side of the aisle to watch, and out the corner of my eye, I see he thinks I'm trying to look at him, and he SMILES!?! As though I've been secretly enjoying him getting all up and cozy on MY SEAT on a Thursday afternoon business flight. I was SO MAD and continued to ignore him and seethe. I met my husband at the gate, and I bitched about this guy LOUDLY all the way to the parking pay station, culminating in a comprehensive and curse-filled conclusion on why he was a fucking creepy little shit and why some people shouldn't be allowed on public transport. I turned around, and he was paying for parking at the next pay point looking very red and determinedly not making eye contact. No regrets. Fuck that guy. Stay in your own seat."


22.This person knowingly flew with COVID:

23.This person treated their seat area like a public restroom:

"The mom in front of me had to change her baby's diaper around hour three, but the lavatory was occupied. So she returned to the seat and changed the baby on the seat-back tray table. Absolutely disgusting."


24.This person wasted no time in being condescending and misogynistic:

25. This person better have used a Clorox wipe on their screen after this (but probably didn't):

26.This person was everyone on the flight's arch nemesis:

27.And finally, this person released their bowels on a flight that lasted nearly an entire day:

"A guy sitting next to me shat himself between Dallas and Doha (an 18-hour flight)."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.