Penn State gets hosed: The 10 craziest things to happen in Week 8

J.J. Regan
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Penn State gets hosed: 10 craziest things to happen in Week 8 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Big Ten finally joined in on all the fun of the college football season and it didn't take long for the conference to make an impression. A season that has been crazy enough on its own just got a whole lot weirder on Saturday. Here are the craziest moments of the week.

A dribble touchdown

A football rarely bounces the way you expect it too, pretty much ever. Somehow, Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis managed to dribble a fumble to himself, then run the ball into the end zone for an improbable touchdown.

Think I'm overselling it? Watch the play for yourself.

There's no other way to describe that play other than a dribble.

NC State gifts UNC an interception

You don't get more wide-open than Dylan Parham was in the end zone for NC State, but he couldn't pull in the pass, then tipped it up in the air for UNC defensive back Don Chapman to snag for the interception.

The Wolfpack were already outmatched by the Tar Heels, they really didn't need to make UNC's life easier with an end-zone interception.

You can read more about the play here.

Etienne wasn't Grrrrrrrrrrreat!

The only player who has been as impressive as Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence so far this season is Clemson running back Travis Etienne. On Saturday, however, he was not his dominant self as he rushed for only 86 yards on 16 carries.

Following the game, Etienne explained his tough day saying it was because he had Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

That's certainly not the breakfast of champions.

While he may have rushed for only 86 yards, he also scored three touchdowns. The fact that we would all classify this as a "bad game" for Etienne reflects just how incredible a running back he is.

Stephen F. Austin coach goes shirtless

Stephen F. Austin managed a narrow three-point overtime win over Abilene Christian on Saturday and head coach Colby Carthel was pretty darn excited. See if you can pick out which one he is.

A quadruple donk

Missing a potential game-winng field goal when the ball hits the post is a pretty deflating, but how do you come back from a quadruple donk?

Rice kicker Crews Holt hit a 48-yard field goal to tie the game as time expired. After Middle Tennessee missed a field goal in overtime, Rice had a chance to win the game. They elected to play for the field goal running for one yard on first down, then taking two knees to set up a 45-yard try. Then this happened.

You can't come back from that, and Rice didn't. In the next overtime, Rice again went for a field goal and had it blocked. MTSU would then win it with a touchdown.

Penn State gets hosed in overtime

Maryland fans are not going to have much sympathy for Penn State but...they got hosed. On a two-point conversion in overtime to decide the game, Indiana quarterback Michael Penix Jr. ran and stretched the ball to the pylon. The play was called good and it was really, really close...but it wasn't good. The ball hit the ground short of breaking the plane and short of the pylon and it should have been no-good and a win for the Nittany Lions.

You can read more about the play here.

Michigan does its best Jadeveon Clowney impression

Say the name "Jadeveon Clowney" to a college football fan and one play jumps to everyone's mind. Michigan got its own version of that iconic play on Saturday against Minnesota. 

Linebacker Michael Barrett unleashed a brutal hit on Minnesota quarterback Tanner Morgan that sent the ball in the air. Defensive lineman Donovan Jeter plucked it out of the air and returned it 15 yards for the easy touchdown in what was just a brutal let down for Minnesota.

An epic punt

Punts typically aren't that exciting unless they are blocked or there's a big return, but can I interest you in an 87-yard punt?

With the ball on the Texas Tech 26, Sophomore punter Austin McNamara belted a 74-yard punt for a touchback.

But wait, I thought you said 87 yards?

I did. McNamara had a second monster kick in him as later in the game, he forced a touchback from the Texas Tech 13.

McNamara was just outside his own end zone and forced a touchback. This guy is going to be in the NFL.

Unfortunately for McNamara, however, that was only the second-best punt of the day. Here's the clear winner.

Virginia tight end taps the toe

With the ball down at the Miami 2, UVA quarterback Brennan Armstrong floated a pass to the back of the end zone. Tight end Tony Poljan jumped up to get his hands on it, but was pushed by safety Bubba Bolden who tried to shove him out of bounds. Just when it looked like there was no way he would be able to bring the catch down in bounds, Poljan just managed to tap the toe in back of the end zone for the incredible touchdown.

You can read more about it here.

The Coastal Carolina wrestling match

I don't even know how to describe this. You'll just have to watch.