Penei Sewell one of few draft prospects Cowboys should pass on CB for

The Dallas Cowboys are in a peculiar position at No. 10 overall as it is completely up in the air who may be available at that spot. The draft order is extremely fluid right now and there are numerous prospects who seem to have vastly different pre=draft grades. Cornerback has been identified as the primary need the team needs to fill as early as possible but the front office has shown time and again they are not scared of going to the best player available strategy.

There are not many who will demand the attention of the front office if they fall, but Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell is one. A couple of months ago it would be outrageous to think Sewell could fall to No. 10 but with third-party evaluators cooling on him and the actual draft trade movement, there may be some blue-chip players who fall down when the real draft takes place.

Measurables (Pro Day Verified)

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Height: 6-foot-5 Weight: 331 Pounds Hand Size: 10 3/8 Inches Arm Length: 33 1/4 Inches This has been a point of concern lately as Sewell is dissected and really put under the microscope over the past week but he is over the 33-inch threshold and based on the tape there is no reason to think his arm length will create any issues for him in the NFL. Wingspan: 80 7/8 Inches

Athletic Testing

Via Kent Lee Platte (@MathBomb on Twitter). RAS or Relative Athletic Score measures a player’s athleticism in reference to other players’ combine results.

Games Watched

Washington (2019), Auburn (2019), USC (2019), Colorado (2019), California (2019)


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Absurd lateral movement skills, foot speed is truly incredible. Gets off the ball with ease and has fantastic kick slides. Elite movement skills in open space, attacks players in the open field and able to stay engaged to drive them out of the play. Pass sets have very few weaknesses, uses his lateral mobility to his advantage rarely gets knocked back. Does not get beat around the corner, reaches the outside extremely quickly. Smooth in the run game and always keeps his legs churning, multiple instances in the Colorado game of him clearing lanes by himself. Excellent grip strength and fantastic anchor make him a nightmare for rushers. Good upper body flexibility. Effort will earn him points from coaches, never gives up on a play and will be best friends of running backs and quarterbacks alike. Ideal size, frame, and reach for the position, should have no position change concerns. Excellent recovery when he does get beat in pass sets.


Hand placement can be rough at times, makes up for it with his athleticism and pure strength but will need time to fully work out those issues in the NFL. Hands can land too far outside and lead to any reach advantage being negated. Will get too far inside on some reps and will lose some of his power. Functional strength while good could be improved. Did suffer a season-ending injury in his freshman year but is expected to check out medically.


Power: 8.5/10 Lateral Movement: 5/5 Hand Usage: 7.5/10 Overall Technique: 8.5/10 Run Blocking: 9/10 Pass Blocking: 8.5/10 Anchor: 4/5 Pulling Ability: 5/5 Frame: 4.5/5 Consistency: 5/5 Grade: 8.733/10 (Blue Chip Prospect)

Player Summary

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Sewell was the highest-profile player to opt-out of the 2020 season. Widely considered to be one of the top players in the draft, him not playing this past season does not change that. Sewell is a fantastic athlete for his size and was able to put up elite-level tape at only 19 years of age. Still has much room to grow and should only get better with time. He has the potential to be a perennial All-Pro due to his mobility, technique, and dominance in both the run and pass game. Any team that needs a franchise left tackle should find that in Sewell as he should expect to hear his name called in the first 5-10 picks.

Fit with the Cowboys:

How Sewell would end up fitting with the Cowboys would have to be the biggest hesitation the team would have in taking him. Passing up other needs for a luxury pick could be a tough sell to some. However, Sewell is a transcendent talent with the ability to elevate any offensive line he joins, even one as good as the Cowboys. Long-time left tackle Tryon Smith while still a high-quality player has dealt with numerous injuries recently and it is fair to wonder if he will ever return to elite form. Sewell could come in as an insurance policy if Smith were to suffer another injury while also starting right away at guard. Sewell has perennial All-Pro upside at whichever offensive line position he starts at and protecting the recently-paid Dak Prescott is never a bad choice. If Sewell is on the board it would be hard for the front office to pass on a player of his talent level. It is not unrealistic to see multiple scenarios where he is still on the board at No. 10 overall. If there is a run on quarterbacks five of the first ten picks could be spoken for. Teams like the Dolphins and Bengals have also been linked to receivers in the first ten selections. If Sewell does end up available at No. 10 the Cowboys brass will at least need to seriously consider making him the selection.

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